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I already have two standard deffkoptas, but want to include a third in the unit equipped with a buzzsaw. I want to do something special, converting him to look like a mekboy (as per the original deffkopta rules, where mekboyz were unit upgrades). How can I make his ride look suitably wacky? What's the craziest deffkopta conversion you've seen?

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First for the Orkz!

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I wonder what would happen what some mekboy or a grot, or maybe even a painboy, sees that gremlins don't like bright lights

I wonder how grots would react to gremlins?
Would the orks' ability to make their technology work simply by willing it to affect a gremlin's ability to mess with that technology?

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Intresting thread 'umie

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also eldar is too hard to learn, and they probably havn't been fighting tau long enough to have looted much from their culture
>no ork versions of tau weapons, despite being some of the most dakka the galaxy has to offer
>also tau space is small compared to imperium space, and will probably never be as big as eldar space because let's face it, there's no way the tau will ever beat tyranids or the orks... unless they use some sort of SCIENCE!

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you know what, I take it all back

the emperor would have been much better off inventing imperium friendly orks and then unleashing them upon the hostile galaxy

he could have even bred them to produce food for humans and they could have done all the grunt work for the admechs
also, they would have been pretty much immune to chaos, and they could have been made to EMPRAH! instead of WAAAAGHH!

also, I would have REALLY liked to see ork primarchs (whatever's above a warboss)

and holy shit, the stuff the remembrancers would have brought back would have been hilarious, not grimdark and tragic like everything else

dear god, somebody please write this

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>Iz a Mek. Dat means I solve problums. Not problums like "what is krumpin'", because that would fall undel kundundrums of philosophee. I solve praktikul problums.

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See dem gitz over der? Krump 'em! or WAAAGH!

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give it a year.

it will take a few books to dethrone the current kings.

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are there any black library ork books?

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yes, we definitely have a lot to work with here

some anon said it earlier (too lazy to find the post), but I guess this should be an alternate /tg/ timeline where there's like, a whole galaxy of primarchs that got scattered (I'm thinking 42 is a good number)

so if that sounds like a good starting point, we should choose 14 of these primarchs to add to the original 18, and then...

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>go to kick starter
>look up 28mm wargaming sci fi trenches and emplacements terrain
>oh look xeno walls and small gun emplacements
>stop bitching

or just play orks... orks can loot anything remember?

>dat feel when a bunch of new cool kits come out that are ripe for looting

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Yes it does, everything must be a weapon. Or at least it can be used as one.

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>current GF is fatter then me
>small tits (like A or very small B cup)
>seeing her in the nude kind of turns me off
>she watches all the shit tier shows like keeping up with the kardashians, teen mom, 16 and pregnant, sister wives ect ect

on the up side

>holy balls she can cook
>keep her apartment clean and tidy
>enjoys vidya games (not very good, but is getting better)
>shows intrest in warhams and other table top games i play like LOTR, Legends of the Old West and Blood Bowl.

FUCK. to me the current relationship is like having a friend i get to stick my penis into. but she is expecting a ring.

if she would just get down to "chubby" things would be a lot better. or larger boobs... small tits are ok if you have a small body to go with. but fat girls with small tits got fucked by god.

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How do I shuffle efficiently without damaging sleeves and without taking four hours like the aspie pile-shufflers?

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Orky thread? also anyone have an effective 1000pt deathskulls playlist?

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has anyone ever translated warhammer 40k into a sourcebook for GURPS?

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Dis thread is now about Ork Science!

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No, because Orks is da best. Their inherent belief in their own superiority would override their belief in the speed of red vehicles.

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