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I requested this one ages ago, and it still gets reposted as a reaction image from time to time.

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They don't even have proper psionics yet. How the hell can Dark Sun be a thing without psionics?

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>liking primaris

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Fucking heretic.

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At the very least, drop out from that DM's campaign. You said it yourself that it is an option. Being passive-agressive will just make the group hate you more, and you can't make them "rue the day they shafted" you, because one of them is the DM, and thus holds all the power.

But if you do not quit this group entirely, you are an idiot and deserve everything that will come to you in the future. No game is better than bad game, anon.

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What you should be buying is a chimera, son. The most sturdy and standard of transports, it's been around forever, it'll be around forever, and it'll always be doing the same thing. Whether it's hauling acolytes to the front lines, or reversing a plasmavet squad away from them, the chimera's multi-laser and heavy bolter are an old standby that will never go out of style.

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why the huge pipes on the bases of celestine and bodyguards? it looks a bit silly imo

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My sides.

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>spend 5 hours planning and balancing potential encounters and articulating NPC movement in the background

See, that's the real problem. That isn't how GM planning is meant to be done.

First, balancing potential encounters. For some systems this is easy, for some systems this is hard, and for every system in the universe this is completely, 100%, entirely unnecessary. YOU ARE THE GM, THEY CANNOT SEE YOUR STATS. You quickly estimate what will be suitable, and if you are wrong you can adjust the monster on the spot! This is not a difficult concept. Besides, it is okay to have encounters that are easy (makes the players feel awesome) or hard (makes the players know that not all encounters can be beaten by direct combat).

Second, articulating NPC movement. Silly rabbit, you give NPCs a unique trait, a secret, and a motivation, but you do not plan out their every movement. If your players go away from where you planned, you can re-name the NPC and use him elsewhere! The wizard in the tower becomes the wizard on the island in the sea, the tribe of orcs become the barbaric crew of a rival pirate. It isn't that they literally follow the PCs, but you use the material you prepared for one group and apply it to another.

The players only know what is in their immediate reach. You prepared a dungeon and they go somewhere else? Well, put that dungeon in the place where they are going. You prepared local politics and they go on a ship? Now its politics between ships. Nothing you prepare should be usable in only one situation, and if you prepare something and you somehow can't use it now, put it in a folder and use it later. In fact, if you change superficial details, you can even use the same campaign elements again and again, or put minor twists on it.

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>implying I don't have an iron clad chasity belt to back up my orderly vows

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Adeptus Sororitas?

It's Adepta Sorortias.... or you making a chapter of chicks with dicks/dudes with breasts?

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Lady, I believe that you exist, but don't tell me you'd want a sister of battle and ork on your wedding cake, especially when your mother was going to be at the wedding and reading a 40k quote.

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Hahahahaha. Hilarious.

But seriously, (as a trans) is fucking bullshit. The entire point about being trans is that they are the mind of the opposite gender inside their own sex. It isn't about "oh, they want to wear frilly dresses!". They fucking ARE the opposite, and denying them that is existentially making them non existent, especially because your bullshit is basically saying "You are having gender dysphoria? You're mentally ill, as your sex is irrelevant to who you are!"

Not to mention that there is scientific proof that women and men think differently NEUROLOGICALLY.

Also, die cis scum, in the name of the Emperor!

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Why the fuck would you go with putting on the xenotech power claw? That's heresy.

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