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Imperium Secundus wasn't fully enacted.

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>tfw you ram an ork player's last cruza into a minefield with your tyrant

delicious greenskin tears as i outplay them at their own game

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The answer is pretty simple.

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>It's rightists' fault that our retarded ideology doesn't work


You Lefties are like fucking Creationists, except your shitty ideology actually kills people in significant non-hypothetical numbers.

Nobody "invented" the laws of supply and demand. The incentives in economic behavior exist in nature. If you have ever read an economics textbook in your life, you already possess the tools to disprove the entire Leftist ideology. All of it. It is all lies.

Not misinformation, not confusion, it is a lie. An overt, bold, unambiguous lie, made consciously because Leftists cannot bear to admit that their retarded ideology is build on anti-scientific falsehood.

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No, more melee tbh.

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>"You like Heresy, don't you Comissar?"

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Happy False Emperor Day Tee Gee. Post Heresy!

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Guilliman sure as shit gave it a go, and punched his bff's skull into dust, so there's that.

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>I'm so honored to have The Emperor's angels obliterate my girlfriends ass with his powerfist!
>Innocent first-timer gets fisted hard by muscular older man

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I have this hilarious mental image.

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It begins.

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WS8 BS7 S6 T6 W3 I5 A5 Ld auto pass.

causes fear
bolt gun
s6 assault 5
ap 4 (option execution s8 ap1 heavy 1 instant death)

seriously these guys in fluff...

auto lose to named character.

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Do it. Fail in his name

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>thunderhawks are now normal-game legal

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A short one while I get a bigger one typed up. I was DM for this one, but he was playing a psyker on Dark Heresy.
>Riding on the Misericord to the sector capitol.
>Investigating people going missing in engineering.
>Players finally corner one of the people responsible for the disappearances.
>Psyker tries to use a power to get the guy to talk.
>Psychic Phenomena
>Perils of the warp
>Pic related
>Psyker burns a fate point.
>Tries to use another psychic power after that.
>Psychic phenomena, perils of the warp, daemonhost.
>Psyker stops trying, lets it happen.
>Session breaks so I can roll up a daemonhost.
>Turn the game into a horror survival game.
>Everyone is hype for it.
>Psyker is gone that weekend, so he doesn't bother rolling a new character.
>A long series of jump scares, 2spooky5you music, candle-lit room, and power outages (in-game) later, and everyone makes it to the bridge to wait it out.
>Life support starts giving out, acolytes are asked to deal with it.
>Only the guardsman offers to help.
>Guardsman goes alone, gets jumped by a daemonhost.
>Get nuked for almost quadruple his health.
>Burns a fate point. Not to live, but to get one last attack on the daemonhost.
>Natural 1.
>Max damage.
>Daemonhost is dead, guardsman is incinerated to nothing but a skull, his weapons are relics now.
>Psyker flips shit over it, swears off Dark Heresy.
>We stop playing.
>Every time it comes up, he says "no" before people finish the sentence.
>All but two people in a group of seven want to do it, and one only doesn't want to because he keeps dying.
c'est la vie.

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Legs of a snake

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>mfw I realize there's at least 1 woman out there who has the fantasy of fucking our Lord and Savior

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>Tau Genestealers
>delicious blueberry face-eaters

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Post... everything.

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Shit son, laughed so hard I started coughing.

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And thank you for adding to mine.

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