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It's basically the Eastern Front in microcosm. The Romans figured the Etruscans out after suffering higher casualties early, but by the time everyone had come to understand their opponents, the Romans were able to introduce the Principes, who were just Hastati but better. The Etruscans didn't have a gamechanger, and they also couldn't apply the same tactics to the Romans that they had before, so they had to try to adapt while the Romans just had to keep doing the same thing but with more success.

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Apples To Apples, best board game ever.

>Ann Frank
>lulz ensues

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Which is probably why dwarves are the only race I don't urgently want to slaughter out of existence.

I guess gnomes are okay too. Gnomes are fucking annoying and childish, but their autism breeds useful gadgets, and they have good intentions.

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