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gw didnt print shadowsuns points in the greater good book

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Tau commander. The infantry HQs carry normal soldiery guns and amplify the ability of the squad's shooting.

Commanders can take optional wargear, and at the moment Tau commander-spam with quadruple Fusion cannons is in favor.

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>mfw Ironlets still cling to the 'Iron Cage' even though it has been retconned into an equal battle
>the mighty perturabo with 40,000 years of prep time successfully sets of an ambush
>can only score a draw

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>being born poor

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>Making anything but the purest of maidens your waifu
I bet your also the same kind of thirsty betafag that thinks they can redeem a prostitute or succbus by being a nice guy and making some half-hearted preaching to them.

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