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>That is kind of the reason why it's a bad idea to base a character around item rather than make a character.

Gear is independent of character. It's my personal view that if a player isn't worrying about their build, then they can put more effort into making a believable character. One example is the Combat Engineer in my game - as she got issued drones she ended up treating each of them like family, with names and everything. I thought it was kind of funny.

Regarding this "mentality," it's always been there. The archives don't show it because I've always glossed over the mechanics to get the story of what happened across. I usually don't say "He stacked three bonuses, two pieces of gear, and a weapon upgrade then rolled 5 DoS on the shot," (which sometimes is the case) I tend to say "He pulled out his gun and unloaded at the enemy." I smooth it over to remove boring mechanical details.

A build is separate from a character. "Rank 6 Combat Engineer with Missile, Gun, Shield Drone, Tech Use +20, and Ion Rifle with Laser Sight, Stabilizer, and extended stock" is a build. "Slightly insane engineer who treats her drones as children and revels in destruction" is a personality. They are the same character.


Other than the Eldar Paths (Which I will stand by since it says in the novels that initiates are issued their gear), I honestly don't think it's that bad. By the time some of the talents come up at rank 6-8 for most careers, your fellow players should have pretty good gear themselves. I mean, an Autocannon is only Very Rare, and everyone raves about that weapon, especially after 500 xp of bulging bicep. It's also far better than some of the certs.

>how are they going to find and barter for gear?

Out of five official xenos careers (Ork Freeboota, Ork Weirdboy, Kroot, DE Kabalite, DE Wych), only two (Freeboota, Kroot) have Barter at Rank 1-2, and upgrade it sporadically. None have Commerce. By that logic, how does a Kabalite barter for gear?

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This must be good for something.
Maybe that Crossed discussion thread?

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