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You don't own one.... Yet

Shuffling in the last of the paste you push the tray away from you slightly, letting out a bit of a half-burp-half-sigh, yellow paste always left you feeling full.

Waving your spork in the air you casually remark to john: "You've got a very special accent you know that? Its very.. exotic"

John looks a bit taken back, scratching the back of his head.. ."Eh,, much'obligted.. I think?"

Still, these elderly men can wait for now, you've finished your food, and getting to the cognitator and read up a bit on the planet would no doubt be preferable - being prepared is a good thing after all. Indeed, you've found that ensuring you know what is up is always a good way to stay ahead of the curve...

"Hey Johnatius, your not doing anything here be honest, why don't you come with me and walk over to the cognitator room - its only like a fifteen minute walk away from here after all?"

John takes a quick look at a nearby servitor lumbering a few rows down. "Well, its not like they really need me here" He states, nodding in agreement "Fine, lets get ou'a 'ere lead on"


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I was just thinking of letting you get your balls cut of to show your dedication to the emprah, but A-hole commissars are already going to be a part of your life, so why not make them Mega-Ahole

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To continue the heresy thing.

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>MFW when nids cause feminist battles which is >equal to heresy

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