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>only slightly marked up

When people bitch about Games Workshop prices, remember they don't go through distributors. They sell directly to game stores. You look at a 50$ other vs a 50$ Gamesworkshop box, at *least* 25$ of the other did not even go towards it's parent company. Gamesworkshop actually takes home a bigger slice on top of charging more in the first place.

Then realize you're only comparing the two in the first place only because of the markup on the distributor model. It's GW levels of gouging. Literally.

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>Turning a Troll into a zombie improves their
intelligence, but sadly at the expense of their
ferocity and regenerating ability.
> improves their

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>TFW the lego to build that probably cost as much as the actual 40k models...

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Ha, nice!

Cheers anon, my roll20 group will get a good kick out of that.

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You wouldn't have us any other way~

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I'm just a kitchen top player, so I just like fun cards and flavor.

I'm always excited for new planes.

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I'm hyped. I want me some motherfuckin' Orcs.

I'm curious what the plot line is going to be besides Sarkhan coming home and bringing his Dragon-bros with him to fuck up the status quo of the plane.

I'll also be nice to see an Asian set that, hopefully, won't suck. I like that we've had two new planes in a row now, I was worried we were going to fall into bi-yearly rehashes.

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The PC's are cursed by a twisted Genie wish gone wrong, who then escapes laughing into the distance.

They've all been swapped genders and are NOT happy about it. They must all now go on a journey across the land to kick the fuck out of the Genie and set things right, and along the way learn some valuable lessons about the difficulties that the other gender has to live with, in a heart-warming and eye-opening adventure for all ages.

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>play D&D/Pathfinder
>hear all the shit about it on /tg/
>ready myself for the clusterfuck to come
>sit down and play
>I start to have fun
>everyone is
>we keep playing
>months pass
>the party is all doing different things and contributing
>the Wizard isn't taking over the games like I was told
>even the Monk is helpful
>we wrap up and conclude it was a fantastic campaign
>debate some new games for a while and try them out
>enjoy them for what they are, but we quickly want to get back to Pathfinder
>We start up our new campaign and it continues to go well

Fuck you guys, your opinions are shit.

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Our group did it from Pathfinder and fell in love.

We're not big star wars fans other than the DM though, so we didn't know what the hell half of what he was talking about was, and I think the open nature of it expects you to come in with a certain amount of knowledge.

As a casual movie-watcher, I had only the most basic of ideas of what was happening. I just know we killed a lot of Storm Troopers, stole a lot of animals and speeders and kidnapped a lot of women and robot butlers.

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The God Wizard is a subtle beast.

He gets no kills or glory and makes it look like everyone else is doing all the work.
Disable, stun, trick and mislead the enemy.

You can also Summon shit at the higher levels, but no one will like you for doing that. Stick to disables and buffs and you'll be the controller of the battlefield and everyone's best friend to boot.

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Hey OP.

I had a similar experience to yourself back when I started a few years back. Our rag-tag group debated for a while and eventually settled on Pathfinder.

I'll leave a few little notes for you, but in short: Go for it. It's a solid system, with plenty of material and we've all had a lot of fun with it. Great baseline for what will hopefully be your ttrpg library.

Onto the few things I'd warn you about;

1) Don't be too ambitious. Really easy for new DM's to hear all these amazing stories online and then try to plan out War and Peace for their players. Don't do this. Relax, get a rough framework and just improvise from there. Just feel your players out and see what kinda group you have on your hands. Don't run Everyone-is-John for your Shakespearian wanna-be's and don't run Game of Thrones for your wisecracking, 4thwallbreakingg beer and pretzel buddies. Perhaps even just consider running an Adventure Path for your first time, while you learn about balance and power-levels.

2: Tiers are for queers. You'll see people bitch about this all the time on /tg/. Spellcasters get more options than Martial classes and this can sometimes lead to "imbalance" in the party. Don't worry too much about this. Everyone has their own view on this, but I wouldn't get too rustled about it. D&D/Pathfinder is a teamwork game and everyone has their role. The "gulf" of power is GREATLY overstated by online number-crunchers who only see the math. It's only ever a problem if your players are dickweeds.

3: Have fun. Cheesy, cliche and you're gonna see this everywhere, but it's the golden rule for a reason. You are DM. You are the master of destiny. Do what is FUN, don't worry about all the details, especially with a new group (seriously, enjoy this now, the little bastards will read them eventually and start sabotaging your efforts to give them a good night). Not sure? Just make it up and go with what seems fair if you need too. Encounter dragging on? Cut some HP of the monster.

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Are Wizards fun or are they 4th edition?

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The newest one. There is literally a Succubus made of shit, hips, tits, ass and everything.

It's full on magical realm and trends the line between hilarious and utterly creepy.


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We all saw the speed and size of that thing, he probably would have been in A&E, with a good chance of having blood getting into his lungs.

Fucking Viggo man. That guy was born to play Aragorn.

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Actually, despite the fact your resorting to base arguments, I like what you're saying.

The Wizard IS a pretty boring/over-versatile class as he is. Specializations are both more fun and more balanced.

Change isn't bad anon. Embrace it.

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Trips confirm. Anon cannot die happy till that fukcin' backlog is done!

Also, I'd like to throw in a request if you're still taking?

I'm in need of an image of an old woman in a wooden/bark mask with a large bearded spirit around her. Vaguely Celtic in theme if possible.

The idea was that her husband's ashes were buried with the seed of a tree, and these trees grow to act as her culture's gravestones.
One day her village came under attack and she decided she wasn't gonna just sit there and go nothing because she was old. So she quickly chopped some of her old dear husband's tree off and now channels his spirit to do battle.

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I swear, these two must have played some high-level D&D before.

They even tagged Conjuration as the issue. Fuck you Cleric, I summon your God's right hand man and make him my bitch when I need Healing spells. Speaking of, he may as well go outstrip the Fighter while he's at it.

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<continued> Our oracle gator-man rolled a nat20 for his initiative and says he would like to use his move action to draw the ladle and then his standard to cast Trap the Soul on it by expending a hero point to cast a spell not on his list and then drop prone as if to bow and offer up kazavon's favorite ladle, which by this time had more history than the sword we entered the castle to get. The GM now realizes, after he failed the boss's save to resist the spell, why our oracle had cast sympathy on the item about 12 hours before the fight started and had not spent a penny since we found the ladle and then spent every penny on the gem that went onto the ladle before the fight. The GM simply laughs and bows his head in defeat as the Final boss of our campaign is sucked into a ladle and trapped forever to serve as an attraction in our oracle's restaurant. Pic Related, our oracles face when the GM failed the boss's save to resist sympathy.

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Wow, turns out that's a whole...thing.

That makes sense though. Abuse it and epic level Efeeti kill-teams come and mess you up.

Now if I just got myself a Scry-proof amulet....

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Sure, but those are there for the BBEG to use.

The players can use them for fun and all that, but using Summon Monster to add 1D4+1 Polar Bears to the battle is just a dick move because it slows the game down.

It's definitely up for abuse with a shit group, but I prefer a system that gives options for a good group rather than a system designed to limit Munchkins.

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>3 mana
>3 power

That is why.

Not ONLY that, but he makes them discard and has flash.

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