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As Revenants return to their secret armoury to put on Revenant suits for the mission, they found that their armour is missing...

Roll d4(-1) to see if any of the suits were kept somewhere else.

Finally, you return to the Inarian orbit, 23 days after you left it. As you try to hail the planet, no one answers, except for an automated system:
>This world is under quarantine by Ghosts of Retribution. Anyone who'll dare to approach it during the purge will be held as a traitor and an enemy of the Imperium.

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Ultras with jetpacks and pulse weapons

be afraid!

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You jelly xenofag?

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Alright. I'll do that.

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>Be friendly with Tau
>Get their tech

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Doesn't matter because the Sisters know deep in their hearts that they can never be Ultramarines.

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The whipcrack of las fire screams down the street as you loose a round from your pistol, but your aim didn't have a chance to steady before you squeezed the trigger. The shot buries itself into a concrete building as the man ducks into cover. Jezail slaps your gun down, growling with irritation.

"Next time you want to blow our cover, give me a heads up first so I can kill you. Let's move."

With that she shoulders past you, moving on toward the safehouse.

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It was then, at the turning of the tide, that their true test showed itself. Crashing out of the underbrush in a mindless fury, the towering form of a Tyranid pack master emerged, savage mandibles flexing in anticipation of the coming feast. Orius' unprotected skull imploded as the alien's great scythes split skin, punctured bone and scrambled gray matter. Firenze cried out in fury and dismay as the Astartes slumped to the ground and the Tyranid withdrew its blade, slick with carmine ichor. It turned its sights on Hurst, and only thanks to his superhuman reflexes was he able to deflect the first blow, ruining his blessed bolter in the process. The slagged relic was tossed aside as the infuriated warrior threw himself upon his assailant.

“Rames, covering fire!” Thundered Firenze as he stepped into the fray. Hurst and the Tyranid were engaged in savage close combat, and before Firenze could cross the field to intervene, the keening giant had already torn great gouges in the ceramite of Hurst's armor, precious lifeblood gushing in thick streams down his chestplate, staining its holy golden aquila a ruddy brown. Hurst was losing, and losing quickly. A few more of Firenze's great strides would close the gap between him and the struggling combatants, but he knew with a stomach-churning certainty that in that short span of time, his squadmate would be well beyond his help.

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Suddenly a new voice cut through the scout's hushed transmissions, loud and distracting. “Captain Firenze, we are experiencing heavy resistance at my coordinates,” here a string of runes flashed across the Space Marine's in-helm display, indicating the voice's location, “Formidable groupings of Hormagaunt-variant Tyranids have been reported in the rushes; unconfirmed. Brother Jaerun has sustained injuries, remains fit for combat. Advise.”

Firenze frowned sourly at the familiar voice's report; heavy weapons specialist Ichobod Rames' summation of the frontline was, as always, serviceable if lacking in tactical detail. Deactivating his suit's gag on outgoing transmissions, Firenze spoke evenly over a wide frequency, relaying orders to all Astartes under his command. “Rames, fall back to my position; assist Jaerun as necessary. Brother Hurst, return with Orius; do not engage the Tyranid en route. We make our stand here.” Racking his bolter's slide, Firenze checked the weapon's scope before dropping to one knee and turning his attention to the swaying grasses of Syradis IX.

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>mfw fluff inaccuracies

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Yes, you'd think that would be a tell all, but I've played too many shitty starter sets in my life to believe that anymore. It looks like the set includes an HQ unit per force... Are you talking in addition to that, or...?

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Unfortunately, as damning as the effect of the biofuel on the campaign here was, it was also the reason that the Imperium took such interest in the otherwise unremarkable world. In the same way that it bestowed such vigor on the Tyranid spawning process, it was thought that the sludge could be refined using traditionally accepted methods into an inexpensive alternative to promethium, and the popular theory was that Syradis IX's institution had been on the brink of discovering the secret to this process before it had gone dark in the face of Tyranid invasion.

Firenze's aim jumped reflexively as the hulking figure of a Space Marine crashed out of the foliage, bellowing expletives as it attempted to rip an alien assailant from its armor. The Tyranid had already left deep gouges in the ceramite of Rames' power armor, its bioweapons unnaturally sharp and its ravenous fervor particularly intense. A symptom of being born of Syradis IX's sludge, Firenze had decided. Rames had dropped his heavy bolter now, swaying clumsily and slipping on the slick mud beneath him as he struggled to come to grips with his attacker. A sudden misstep sent both Rames and the Tyranid crashing into the noxious slime, Rames roaring in frustration as the keening beast threw itself at his exhausted guard again and again.

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It's okay dude. I like the Ultramarines too, but at the same time I understand that the fluff in an army book is there mostly to act as inspiration for people. People won't like it but ultimately it doesn't have much of an effect on the tabletop itself so it has very little influence unless people let it get to them.

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“Speak plainly, corporal. You are on my time.” Echtram demanded levelly.

“Something, sir. Not a 'Nid... It was different.” His face pinched with the effort of remembering. “Bigger. But faster, too. I couldn't tell through the rain... I didn't get a good look at it before—I didn't get a good look at it, sir.”

“Before you deserted.” It wasn't a question, but a grim reaffirmation of the suspicion that had been gnawing at Uriel since the guardsman appeared. Where was his CO? His squad mates? Even if he had been a scout, the rest of his group should have caught up to him long ago.

“Commissar?” The man asked, wearing an astonishingly convincing but nevertheless false expression of bewilderment that, had Echtram a few less tours behind him, he might have fallen for. It wasn't taking however, not even with Barrachus, who now regarded his former drinking buddy with thinly veiled contempt. Uriel's hand, which had until then had been neutral at his side, now moved to rest on the butt of his holstered las pistol.

Väarn noticed the motion, and all in an instant his feigned bewilderment turned to genuine incredulity, then to petulant defiance, his lip curling in an ugly snarl. He was desperate now, scrabbling for the las gun hanging at his side.

“That would be a really frakking bad idea, Monty.” Barrachus was staring at Väarn down the length of his rifle, his finger tensed on the trigger.

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Going to keep bumping with 40k artwork. Maybe it'll lure in the drawfags. If not, I hope someone out there enjoys.

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Uriel was just working up the nerve to step beyond the tent flap into the roaring downpour outside when Darrow, looking like he'd just taken a shower in full battle gear, ducked into the tent. ”The men are outside, sir,” he said. “We await the commissar's command.” A good soldier, Darrow; efficient, straightforward and a solid shot, if a little too 'to-the-letter' for Echtram's tastes. Kept his men in line and his questions to himself; the only time Uriel might have to worry about Darrow's loyalties was when he was employing some of his more 'unconventional' tactics. Commissar Echtram nodded curtly and ducked under the tent flap, stepping out into the pounding rain.

Outside, beyond the raised platform his field tent had been constructed on, the trenches were a bewildering madhouse of screeching lasguns perforating the deep vibrations of tempestuous thunder and the rolling clap of Earthshaker rounds as they irreversibly disfigured the dismal landscape. Several fires raged across the frontline despite Syradis IX's torrential precipitation, guttering pinpoints of light piercing the heavy gloom that lay over the staging area. Burning carcasses of heavy armor served as convenient rally points for the Emperor's foot soldiers as they were driven back by the ravenous Tyranid, inch by invaluable inch, to the precious artillery lines they so fervently protected. Darrow's group stood under the tent's canopy, passing a stick around as they waited.

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I figured it was STALKER-related or something, given the gas masks and armaments. Then again, look right above the bald guy's head. Does the one in the background not look Mechanicum to you?

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I use them as assassins. Scout bikers on the field with a homing beacon, move up to a headquarters or other expensive dude say, a Tau Ethereal or something (get within 12 inches without getting railed to death is a little challenging, but my scouts are hardcore). Vanguards drop in with the beacon so they don't scatter, heroic intervention, Kill an ethereal with power weapons, laugh at the Tau player because it happened. Fun things are fun.

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You dare come to defense of heretical religions?

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His people were in the past divided. At constant war with each other. As he put it they were "dissolute with no virtue or faith". Until one day the God Emperor saw fit to give them a chance for deliverance from the sin of being Xenos. Sending a prophet to guide them upon the path to redemption.

One of the ornate stained glass windows showed an image of this "prophet". It was crude but it was clear he was a Guard officer.

The prophet landed injured upon their world which was to be their first test. A test passed by a farmer who found the prophet and sheltered him, nursing his wounds until he was restored to health. The farmer supposedly recognised the inherent divinity of humanity.
Over time this human went on to unite the aliens who call this world home. Bringing order, stability and virtue to them. Effectively saving their race from self annihilation. For this they venerate the God Emperor. They accept that they are impure monsters to be hated but believe that because the Emperor gave them a future they owe that future to the God Emperor, as the governor put it "All that they are exists for the Emperor alone"

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>the Emperor probably would've been diplomatic with them.

Suddenly, jet pack pulse weapon marines!

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Just kind of pick a theme for your army a stick with it.
Like mechanized or jungle fighters.
Make sure you bring a couple autoguns with you infantry. Also, storm troopers are not a very good choice. Ogryn and Ratlings are worst. Sly is the only good elites choice. If you really need cc in your army, induct a squad of grey knights, they are superior to oggies...

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