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This is clearly automated.

My point about all of this is that there is at least some way to plausibly explain this and given that it's 40K, a little suspension of disbelief is in order.

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sure is ultra in here

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Hey /tg/ so I was given two space marine razorbacks as a gift and thus decided to build an army. I am brand new to 40k, I am traditionally an Warhammer fantasy player.
I really like the look of terminators obviously, they are awesome. I was thinking of getting two units of the assault terminators and two space marine tactical squads. Should this be alright to field, with maybe a generic chaplain?

(also, I will mostly be playing against tau)

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Hey /tg/ I got a question. I've noticed that in Australia, Rhinos and Razorbacks cost the same ammount of money.

So is there any reason why I shouldn't just buy a Razorback, make into a Rhino and use the extra bits to give my Marines Lascannon arms?

Does the Rhino box have extra bits I don't know about?

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Quick question, /tg/:

How useful are dozer blades on Rhinos/Razorbacks/Predators? I play Space Marines/Blood Angels (inb4 Matt Ward derp); are dozer blades useful at all?

I'm asking you this before I glue them on.

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