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It could be as awesome as it could be shit, completely depend who the fuck is in charge.

>space pirate captain Harlock.
>the entire is crew replaced by freebooterz.

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Hey what's going on in this thread,
carry on then

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So, here we are, gods among men. A noble born fighter who joined the army and saved his country a couple of times, a pyromaniac sorcerer who went from sleeping in ditches to being the country's favorite hero. Like, the kind of fame Captain America has in the Marvel universe. Eventually the fighter ends up as king, in no small part due to the support of the sorcerer, who doesn't really want the job anyway.

Now, this sorcerer isn't a particularly happy individual. He may be able to put a spin on most everything he does and pull off some damn impressive stuff, but that only works if people don't really know him. Deep down he's a bit of an asshole and a budding alcoholic with some serious relationship issues. His father gouged out his eye and he ended up doing the same to his childhood friend after burning down their town...

So, one day the kingdom comes under attack by a vast army and the heros go back to work. They eventually reach the center of this army, a nightmarish area about a mile wide where the ground is made of rotting meat and trees are grown from what appears to be human bones.

Well, in the center of it we find a pristine young girl in a white dress lying on a large alter like structure, currently unconcious. my sorc proceeds to scoop her up and carry her with him as they head to find the man in charge of this shit.

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Pfft - subjective reality tastes better.

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