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you were saying?

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Drat this is the oldest one thats not on my external drive.

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Absolutely, Sindri-san. You either plot, fornicate, or kill stuff. Tsundere is not an emanation of the Tau'va.

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This should be everyone's reaction to the Tau.

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Tau have taken over the hive world of Agrellan! What will the Imperium do? They only have 38 thousand hive worlds.

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If you think about it, they lost more technology over the past 10 000 years then they've gained.

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Gets me every time.

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It is now.

Also this is how I firewarrior

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OP here.
Cool/funny ideas so far.

Would it be possible to convert chaos followers to other chaos gods? Such as if their music get's good enough other people might want to become their fans?

I know it's possible with humans, but daemons?
I'm not so sure.

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it is great.

Space marines are the masters of dry comedy

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>haha the tau killed Slaanesh
>hurr durr the tau are only alive because plot armor deus ex machina
>implying a single SM company couldn't kill all the tau

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yeah being hilariously naive is the Tau's shtick.

they don't grasp the scale of the imperium, the threat of chaos, the numbers of the nids and orks.

and when they meet a human who tries to explain it to them they think its just another Guela superstition.

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for scale purposes

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ok. so it seems to be within the context of a spur of the moment challenge during a diplomatic mission.

that makes slightly more sense than it being some official contest between the two empires.

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Tell me /tg/
What keeps me from running an army of as many legion of the damned spess mehreens that I am allowed and becoming virtually invincible?
Are they actually as OP as they sound?

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>In appearance, the Tau are humanoid, with two arms, two legs and a single head. Their skin is a pale, bluish grey colour, though this can vary in tone and pigmentation from world to world. For example, Tau from the world of Vior’la have much darker skin than those hailing from B’orkan. Their skin is rough in texture, dry and leathery, exuding almost no moisture. On average, smaller than a human, the majority of Tau are of slender build, having a strength equivalent to an Imperial Guardsman with comparable tolerances for heat, cold and pain. The Tau face is flat and wide across the eyes and, in some respects, their vision is believed to be slightly superior to humans, able to see further wavelengths in both the ultra-violet and infrared ends of the spectrum. However, their lack of a dilatory pupil results in poorer depth perception and a slower focusing reflex. They have no external olfactory organs, rather, these are located on the inside of the mouth, and, at short distances appear to be much more sensitive than a human’s. A Tau can therefore taste the air with its tongue and deposit the air sample on its sense organs.
- Index Xenos: Tau

Ethereals, Aun'Va's Honour Guard, and Shas'o - including Farsight and Shadowsun - have WS4. They're as skilled in melee as Space Marines and Orks, on the tabletop at least.

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You're right, all the Eldar's recent achievements count for nothing next to the unstoppable advance of the glorious Tau Empire.

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