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>50+ Barbarian women
>25+ Female Clerics/Paladins
>a dozen or so female demons/succubi
>100+ Battlemechs

Well... I'll see you guys never. My life just got awesome.

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Are you frustrated?

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>Make dumb Confucius quote ripoff with Kobolds
>leave for 30 mins
>come back
>see this

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Exactly, mahbruja

OP, where you is?

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>4E generic setting
>We get into a battle with some archers in a broken-down village, they have hidden snipers everywhere.
>Entire team is bloodied, and the party's healer (a bard) is currently failing his death saving throws.
>We stabilise him, and regroup behind an upturned cart.
>Most of the team argue tactics as arrows pierce ever further into the cart.
>Half-Orc fighter picks up the bard's lute, grabs my character ( a Gnomish wizard) and tells me to make the party invisible and sneak us away.
>Says he will provide a distraction.
>He dives from cover to cover, getting ever closer, and begins brokenly playing the lute singing a grunty song about how the archers were cowardly cunts.
>The party escapes, and the DMasks us to leave the room for a moment whilst he runs the rest of the encounter with the Fighter.
>We get called in a few minutes later, the fighter's player looks dejected and the party is informed that the sounds of fighting die away.
>We take a rest, then risk returning and discover the Fighter pinned to a wooden wall surrounded by arrows.
>In one hand he has a dead orc by the throat.
>The other arm is wrapped tightly around the lute, holding it to his chest.

>And he died grinning.

According to the DM, he found the archers in a building and pushed a bunch out of the windows, then jumped out and curb stomped them to death. One got up and fired a few arrows at him. One pinned him through his shoulder, and he played dead for a moment. When the guy got close enough, he grabbed his throat and sustained a grab until the Orc suffocated.
On the next turn the Half-Orc followed.

Fucking hell Targrin, we shall not see your like again.

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Sweet Jesus.
I am in love with this character already.

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Barry the Psychonaut was a human psion made by me and my friend Martin as kind of a joke. He was a middle aged man doing the most mundane jobs possible in the most fantastic settings, and as a joke we'd try to work him into everything.
One day Martin asks if he can play Barry in a campaign his brother is running, so I say sure but ask him to keep me posted out of interest.

Now what I didn't tell you (and i'm sure his brother didn't tell his new group) is that Martin has a bachelor's degree in psychology.

From what I heard about the first ten sessions they played one long term couple broke up, one guy came out of the closet and somebody rang their father after a year-long separation. All due to cues given by Martin, completely in character.

When people realised that Barry was being used to give people psychological advice surreptitiously they went on the defensive and started to gang up on him ic. When he finally got tired of being the group punching bag he set up a series of traps and gleefully led each of his teamates into a dungeon of fuck.
When all but the last of his teammates were dead in the various torture devices he had set up for them, and the players were screaming at him ic, Barry walked over to his final victim and whispered "Tell me about your father." before raping her with the fighter's bastard sword.

Apparently he hasn't been invited back.

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Can a paladin be devoted to a false god? Or a cleric?

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>zeppelin aircraft carrier

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