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>Parson's breakdown
>adrift in an alien universe where all our loved ones are dead
>we are dead

We were dead to our world six months after those suns went nova. And now they are dead to us. For all practical purposes, we WERE dead, floating in a derelict coffin.

To awaken after sixty-four thousand years... to stride the stars once again, is equivalent to being raised from the dead; cast out of the Afterlife and back into the mortal coil by whatever deity you hold dear. We should think of our awakening more as a resurrection; draw a line between our old lives and new. In our past life, we laughed, we fought, we served and we loved, and we had a damn good run.

But now we've been reincarnated, given a second chance at life. That's not a curse, it's a gift, one nobody else has ever received. And though the galaxy as we knew it is forever changed, some things are inevitably the same.

War. War never changes. Somewhere among the stars there is Humanity, and guaranteed there is strife and death and terror. Somewhere, innocents are butchered and monsters reign triumphant. This has always been so, and will always be.

And we just so happen to have the means to do something about it.

We needn't fear a lack of purpose - as honorable soldiers, honorable PEOPLE, we know what is right and what is wrong. And now there is no Empire, no council or senate or politics or bureaucracy to muddle affairs and muddy the waters of truth. Even if all traces of our precious Empire have been scrubbed from the stars, there still is the eternal truths it was founded upon, that impossibly long time ago.

We are the Phoenix, risen from the ashes. All we had is lost, therefore we have nothing to lose. We are blessed to live once more, free to devote all our energies to leaving this galaxy better then when we came into it.

As servants of the Empire we were the Harbinger of death and terror. Now we are the Harbingers of whatever we chose.

I chose hope.

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