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oh well got some advice at least

thanks guys

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Didn't see an only war thread, so it's up to me to make one.

My group is fairly new to roleplaying games, so I've been easing them in on premades. So far we've done the one in the back of the core rulebook, the one with the GM screen, and we're wrapping up Final Testament now.

I feel it's time for them to do something outside the premades (That, and I'm out of premades) and my group has been asking for something more "all out battle" type missions rather then acting as a special ops team. Since they've spent a while separated from their regiment (as happens in testament.) my plan is to have their regiment leave the planet with out them, have their company hitch a ride on an imperial frigate, then have the ship attacked by daemons and thrown off course. The end result being them docking at a spacestation and joining the station's PDF (SDF?) and leading them against a full scale war against a heretical revolt.

That's my plan so far.

And, have a story of yesterday's session.

>Players have managed to get their hands on a Valkyrie to get to the Ordinatus (giant superweapon in ork hands they've been ordered by the Lord Commissar to capture)
>They find it's currently on route to destroy the Imperial base they've been stationed at.
>Their valk gets hit by an ork defence turret.
>Operator flying the thing decides if he's going down (he isn't mind you) he's going down into the Ordinatus.
>Sarge and techpriest are in the back, wearing grav shoots as they were preparing to make a jump onto the bacl
>After a moment of cursing the Operator, the Sarge jumps out of the back before they crash. Techpriest tries but trips and falls before making it out of the Valkyrie.
>Valkyrie crashes killing orks and slightly damaging the Operator and Techpriest.
>Storm the Ordinatus control room (the Sarge smashes his way through an ork barricade in a display of badassery)
>Eventually the group fires the thing. As the control room rocks, Sarge shows his true colours.
And Only War general

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Were these the kind of orks they were fighting?

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Imagine a zombie shooter

replace all the zombies with orks, tyranids etc BUT use the descriptions from the uplifting primer

gameplay is handled as if you are a spacemarine

...but you are not, you are a guardsman yet you and your las is wrecking all enemies from terra to the eye with lots of slogans and useful moraleboosting tips from your drill srgt

Only way to die in the game is to disobey orders (HELLO COMISSAR)

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