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Is he better now? Looking at his Twitter he seems to not be institutionalized and still animating (though only for himself) but he still has "Monty Oum's right hand" in his bio. Last I heard he was stalking Sheena trying to get her 'justice' because he thinks her fucking Monty means she needs to run RWBY, despite not working for RT and not wanting the job.

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>Being u ser a Rick about tg related stuff for about a year
>Get back and read about 8ed
>Get super excited
>New starter looks awesome
>Went to my play group since no stores in my state
>Ask them about the new edition
>They say it got sigmared and they'll stick with 7th
>Hype dies
Just tell me tg, how bad it really is? did we really got butchered that bad?

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>Ywn turn Girlyman into a squig.

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>banished quest flashback intensifies

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>playing abandon all hope
>my character has an injured leg, but is otherwise ok, has a few other teammates nearby
>other 2 PC's investigate a suspicious hole they find
>hole goes into a deep tunnel that serves almost like the spine across the spaceship
>the two walk through the excessively warm tunnels and spy a sign in a universal language warning about radiation, symbol and a few more common languages below it
>characters go on anyway, one says her character wouldn't know what it means (!)
>GM tries to throw them one more ball to escape without fucking awful awful times by warning them that they were starting to feel woozy and nauseous as they come to a sealed door
>lol we open it
>are you sure?
>this is it, the time they'll realize they're being fucking stupid surely
>of course we're sure, GM!
>both get hit with super crippling radiation
>one dies basically shitting their organs
>one lives, but only barely and is all-but bedridden the remander of the campaign
>mfw the one that died had a radiation suit in inventory the entire time but never equipped it and I know this because I was the one that gave it to him earlier in the session since my character was temporary out of action.

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I have a confession. I really fucking hate playing evil characters. Closest I can get without feeling bad is a pragmatic hardass.

>mfw I'm playing an evil campaign at the moment and think everyone else is having a real good time, so I don't want to flake out, but I leave every session feeling miserable because we're too much of the baddies and my character is just a gunslinger in a world of a shit-ton of magic and dark clerics
>mfw none of the other PC's like my dude anyway because I'm trying to play him like you might a lawful evil monk or something, and they're stopping even the slightest amount of good from happening

Feels legit bad man. I'm glad at least my other campaign with them I get to play the good guy.

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Anon, there is a science behind muscle and movement. You see, muscle needs oxygen to function, and the dead dont breathe, there is no blood flowing to the muscles. Even if by some horrible scientific experiment they learned how to re animate a corpse, it would be incapable of movement. Now they COULD stick brains into cyber bodies and make cyber zombies, but at that point why not use living brains like robocop, with no degredation.

TLDR see attached gif.

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YFW its just off brand flintstones chewables

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But what other threads are made? If the bad threads were being drowned out by good threads, there wouldn't even be a problem. But I doubt most anons want to make a thread, let alone really know what a good one is. Most get derailed anyway, especially the 40k threads. Any attempt at self-regulation just becomes part of the problem, since lines get drawn between supporters and haters and arguments ruin the thread as well.

On some level the only reason I'm still here is that there's no where else to go that isn't shittier or requires an account and two emails and has only half a dozen people on it.

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i wish i played more, gonna show up to my gw when they open so maybe get in a small game before work at 5pm

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oh there's no helping that. i once found a warzone fenris book for an amazing price; but i was really sleepy and out of my mind so i didn't trust it. the next day after i got some sleep i found out it was real and someone else got it

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>bike and cataphractii

are you seriously gonna try this offline?

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>go looking for a site with a lot of SR fashion pics
>find a recommendation on a forum from a 3 year-old-thread
>the tumblr they linked to has since turned to ponies

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>conquering a nation ruled by your own brother just because you want a swag sword
Good lord.

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Man anon, why'd you do this to me...

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>mfw i didn't get a chance to post that day due to pulling a double at work

sorry anon, but i did enjoy it

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>sisters still haven't gotten last chance'd
>bretonnia, tomb kings, and a lot of other whfb is gone

well they are the current king of meta... it would be an uphill battle for everyone.

welp, i guess you gotta die well anon. i know that feeling of being utterly hopeless, being torn apart piece by piece and doing nothing much all game.

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That's too bad, anon. I've had to deal with similar people (though as a player, not a GM). It's very frustrating.

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>Zendikar bestIary
>"Just use MM statistics for them lel"

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anon, i got some bad news about those ork leaks. you might wanna sit down; it was just age of sigmar, the orcs like to say dakka dakka when just talking about stuff

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actually that's a pretty good idea, i would mix and match along with cutting off some of the spikes

it's a weird quirk, i guess the daemon prince is suppose to give them a stable warp presence? which doesn't make sense since the human host provides that. i'm rather worried of the crimson slaughter update

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>just killed a few grey knights
>stole a few skulls away from skulltaker
>tricked an inquisitor into summoning daemons
>gave orks defective choppas and guns with mufflers that can't be removed
>personally bitchslapped a few thunderwolves and shaved them
>the dark gods are still not pleased

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