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>A bunch of people say they're interested in your idea, but no one besides yourself makes any effort to actually play

>along with the first part, trying to talk to players one on one to get ideas on what does and does not interest them so I can adjust the campaign accordingly, and I cannot get any straight or specific answers

>Putting more effort into keeping a roleplay going than the guy who is running it.

>Fuckers who intentionally try to break setting. I don't mean are new or don't have a good grasp of it or are deluded into thinking they can justify it, I mean people who try to play characters knowing full well that they don't fit the setting and try to do it anyway

>People who cannot keep in-character separate from out of character. I have seen this start fights and ruin friendships--although granted they were pretty unstable anyway.

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This is how I Intimidate if I didn't suck at Intimidate.

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The director stated that the only stuff he took from anything Christian related was the Crosses and some symbolism because it looked cool. And your friend is a faggot for thinking it was original because it is not. If anything it is a combination of older shows that the director liked. And you are a faggot for taking a show at face value.

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