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It's resentment that I can't have a qt dragonborn waifu.

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Would you let her join your party?

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I'm about to play Dungeons&Dragons for the first time, we are going with 4th edition. The group lack a leader class so I made a warlord, the dragonborn race seems to fit pretty well both with the class and with what the group needs so I went with it. Them I look for some image to use as avatar and look! 1d4chan have a dragonborn page! Maybe the guys from tg have some nice dragonborn images I can use. I found some nice images but not ones I can use...

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>city kobolds and draconic kobolds
I can dig it. Though I'd maybe go for something magic than biology. Dragonborn ritual excess magic turned the local kobolds more humanoid, and from there it spread, or something similar.
Could be interesting to have the two cultures clash.

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>no head tentacles

That's a deal-breaker for me.

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Mommy, look! I joined a party!

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Just play a Dragonborn.

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"Empress. She's the empress. And she's currently crashing on my couch." you reply.

Luna looks at you blankly for a second. “...What?”

“The Wrath Demon Empress is currently sleeping in our house because she’s on vacation.” you reply.

Luna looks at you for a few more seconds before bursting out laughing. “Oh Brooklyn! That’s funny as hell! As if someone like her would forget the duties of being an Empress!”

Probably more like she’s the kind of person to forget that she’s an Empress. She never directly said that she was an Empress to your face, but you’re fairly certain that she’s one alright.

Luna finishes off the rest of her taco lobster, putting the tray next to her table. “Thank you for the support Brooklyn. Honestly when I was talking to mother last night, I was pretty angry at you.”

“Why?” you ask.

“Because one of the top tier space users couldn’t find her after 500 years of scrying and adventuring, and meanwhile a backwater hick finds my mother completely by accident.” Luna replies.

You’re about to retort to being a backwater hick, but you could probably see where she’s coming from.

“So... Let me repay you...” Luna then says in a sultry tone of voice before diving for your neck.

“L-Luna!” you gasp in shock. “We have a battle to prepare for!”

“My preparations are all but complete...” Luna mutters in between kisses on your neck, her hand now groping your breasts through your clothing. “I could go for another ‘taco’ if you get my drift, or do you not like pregnant women?”

A) “B-But you’re my Queen’s daughter!” (Don’t do it)
B) Screw the clause, sleeping with Princesses is what heroes do. You may lack a penis but you’re still going to live out your fantasy!
C) Other

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"I have already received my orders, I am on a bloody suicide mission to reconnaissance our surroundings. I am here because apparently speed and detail is necessary. This messenger and I will be in the field for half and hour, expect a report soon. Let me go through the side entrance to avoid enemy detection." you say reaching what appears to be a fan, before giving a large sigh. “...And they even managed to destroy my fan... Celestian Hooligans...”

“The meeting is over?” a guard asks.

“B-But Lord Venture just left.” Another guard says.

“Yes, and he claimed time is of the essence, so I must depart immediately. (Let me through and go to sleep or something).” you say giving them all an order.

“R-Right away Mistress!” the guards say quickly standing by to let you pass.

“...You expect someone of my statue to open a door to the sewer of all things?” you sneer at them.

“O-Of course ma’am! I’m so sorry!” one guard says opening the door for you.

“Hmph.” you say flicking your hair as you walk out with the Cleric shortly behind you.

After a few minutes, you and the Cleric are finally free of the castle, but not out of the sewer just yet.

“...Um... T-Thank you for saving me.” The Cleric says as she continues to lug your bag, before having a slightly disappointed look on her face. "Um... So you're not a Laminian?"

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“It’s been a while since I had any free time. I’m going to go upstairs, unpack a bit, then relax the rest of the night.” you say.

“Night Brooklyn.” Your father and Ada say.

Unpacking your room is a casual breeze when you have tentacles made of pure darkness do your bidding for you. But as you put away the books on the bookshelf, you head over to the clothing bag and notice that the ‘Succubus Armor’ you had since this morning is still lying on top of your clothing bag. While you honestly never want to be caught in public with such a thing, you do admit that you’re morbidly curious to what sort of capabilities it has...

A) Put it on
B) Read a book then go to sleep, praying the sun doesn’t explode while sleeping
C) Other

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The answer is right on the next picture in the archive.

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Also going for >>28119277 's style of lizardmen, though maybe with less emphasis on the "savage" part, seeing as how they managed to enslave most sentient races in ages past (though no longer), and consider mammalian sentients to be usurpers to their swampy, weird-smelling empire.

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I liked them the way that my GM homebrewed them, or I think it was homebrewed at least.
They were unnatural creations, made by a cult of wizards as weapons to hunt down and kill certain creatures, each made specifically for that creature. The idea was that if someone lose a loved one, or their whole village to raise the stakes, that they might seek out this hidden cult (or equally likely be saought out) to undergo the transformation into a Dragonborn so that they can seek their vengence with greater ease. After the neophyte dragonborn got their vengence they would be contacted at some time to repay their debt to the cult for the opportunity of vengance by hunting a certain creature that the cult wanted dead or had otherwise saw fit to eliminate and once this task was done they were relased to do as they pleased with what remained of their lives. Which generally involved killing more creatures.

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I prefer a more human appearance.

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What's the best device a DM can give a That Guy for optimal trolling of the game?

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Anyone got a ring of genderswap I can borrow?

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If you must know, it's 4e. But imagine the trolling when 4.5e comes out.
Or, heaven forbid, 5e.

>but kierever

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rolled 5 = 5

Have you ever made a character whose sole purpose for existing was to troll other players?

Meet Katherine Clarissa GoldHeart. She's a dragonborn warrior whose plucky attitude and eagerness for action always causes her to charge into battle. Her shield and armor are colored in pink and whites and on the edges are little red hearts she doodled on for decorations.

She was created to troll a friend who is made out of 100% grim and a 100% dark, making him 200% grimdark. And he absolutely loathes anything that is happy or related to disney fantasy.

Anyone make any characters meant specifically to pester DM or fellow players?

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