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>"I have grown practised... at killing you... Eliphas..."
>"Death is but the beginning, Thule, as you will mark when your soul belongs to Chaos! For decades, I was flayed and burned! Every accursed second I thought of you and your meddling!"
>"Pity... I forgot you... long ago..."

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Fuck all of this dribble!

Do you want to topple the Corpse Emperor at the forefront of a glorious slaughter? Do you want to maim kill burn, without being mindless? Do you want to be the best of the best? Yes?

Black fucking Legion!
We look the coolest. We are the coolest. We have the track record to back up. Sure, our leader is a load of shit, but we have so many badasses it hurts. Sure, we lost that one big major battle, but whenever we show up, the Imperium shits itself.

Come join the best and the brightest, have WHATEVER you want, and come get shit done! Shit, even Eliphas of the Word Bearers ditched for us! Thats damn cool!

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