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So, I got bored and compared MonPoc's Not!Godzilla with their Not!Cthulhu. This is how they stack up.

>"Terra Khan" (who is clearly a mix between Gino and 90's Godzilla)
>Mid tier health in both forms
>Starting form has lots of buffs for his minions or if he was in some kind of tag-team match.
>Also has a long range attack for nuclear breath.
>Hyper Form sees him go "Fuck this tag-team shit" and power-up into a destroyer of worlds who's nuclear breath now knocks monsters out of their hyper-forms and has AoE, he can attack twice for free with melee, and his special attacks (throws, headbutts, charges etc) now cause double damage. Which is huge and means you can set up multi-hit combos that can potentially solo and entire monster form like your Zero in MvC3

>Generally weaker stats, Hyperform has better defence though.
>Can summon and eat minions for health.
>Telekinisis shenanigans
>Gains power from brawling
>Can Fly
>Hyper Form gains terrify so tiny guys can't get close, but loses summon.

One on One, Not!Godzilla would whomp Cthulhu in a fair fight. Cthulhu however has all the tools he needs to never let that happen. Using Telekinetics to simply put roadblocks in G's way, eating minions if he get's low on health and generally trying to wear him down.

The moment Cthulhu fucks up though, G is going to atomic piledriver him into the goddamn Chrysler Building.

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That is because Timmie Burtstone has PP's MonPoc on lock down already. He owns the rights and and making his own movie (presumably).

This was announced a very long time ago, yet no news had surfaced for quite some time, but Mon Poc production came to a grinding hault. When asked to comment on it, PP said that they're not dropping support on the game AT ALL but in fact the IP is being held up in the air until the release of this movie.

Further down the line it was discovered that we have heard nothing about the movie because a very similar plot had surfaced (Pac Rim) of giant Monsues fighting Rowbats - So the word out now is that Monsterpocalypse has been put on ICE until they ascertain how successful Pacific Rim will be.

Meanwhile, Deltoro approached Wizkidz because there was no other clear alternative now that Privateer Press is wed to Tim Tim Burtron.

HOWEVER a sourceless anon just commented the other day he heard rumblings from PP that they will be relaunching Monpoc just after the release of Pacific Rim anyways because they have a giant warehouse full of product on ice they want to sell, so who knows about the damn movie anymore. Or you know, they were talking out of there ass, as I've tried hard not to.

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>that faction you wanted to play but never fully completed
What was her name, /tg/?

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Then when series 2 came in, you got 6 more factions:

Gorrillas: Because Gorilla's sell, although why they felt the need to make Quantum King Kondo I will never know.

Molemen: Close combat oriented, they have drills everywhere and lack any sort of subtlety. The Abductor model is arguably the best in the game though.

Giant Insects: HOLY FUCK THIS THING CAN DO *WHAT*!? Basically, every single monster in this faction is amazing in varying degrees. With one of them called The Buggernaught for a very good reason.

Giant Fishmen: ... I still say the Giant Sharkman looks silly.

MechaGodzilla: Robot knockoffs for everyone! A somewhat schizophrenic faction, as the robot clones tend to mirror their counterparts in some way or another. And I still say that Cyber-Khan and Gorghandratron are direct references to the 1990's Godzilla Vs King Ghidora film.

Elemental Champions: Weeaboo elemental golems.

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If you watch the first two videos, they talk about delays tangentially. Basically the gist of it is, because of what happened when I Chomp NY got delayed, but AYB got released on time, these delays are having a knock on effect with all other releases, which sucks even more.

Also, the current ETA has been pushed back to mid-June now.

Oh, and for anyone interested, I've been playing offline on the Vassal MonPoc mod if anyone wants a game.

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