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You do? Really? Remember how Square spent a debilitating amount of cash to make a movie, which then bombed and tanked the company so hard that they were actually bought out by Enix, and then, rather than being consumed and obliterated, they instead ate Enix from the inside out? Nobody calls it Squarenix anymore. That shit is gone. There is only Squaresoft. A cancerous growth that spreads and cannot be contained. It infects the mind. It is glorious and your resistance only makes them stronger.


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>Meme because everyone wants to have their epic wrestler character moment like muh Los Tiburon

It's the origin of nearly as many half-baked, one-note character attempts as Bearington and is the second greatest source of suplex memery.

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Some of them are really good, I think.

7 feels really rushed and barebones.

Everything after ten feels less like a jump and more like a wiki dump. And is about the same size too.

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I think you mean Suplexing Trains

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The music itself seems slow to break the silence, hesitant to begin again after that. But the band plays on. Proud figures stride forward with purpose toward the stage, matching the intensity of their anthem. Fast, intense, strident play--a few newer instruments among the brass and drums. This is a song for warmakers. The motto is one to match; "Striking Force." The banner flies in digital splendor, a map of the earth, cut in blues and greens--with red stars over every maverick hunter base on earth. The sides are framed with a repeating pattern of rectangles.

At the podium stands a figure with heavy armor; not especially tall or broad, he nonetheless presents a hulking figure. Bright gold clashes with camouflage green patterns on his outer plating. His helmet crest comes to a distinctive end, the top cutting a hard, angular line instead of coming to a curved taper.

"Boom Foxflash, 14th Grapple Company," he barks. In front of him, his officers snap to attention--a bizarrely motley mix, ranging from a crimson dragon with a necklace of green beads, a basic humanoid on the larger side, a loping giant of a tiger, and a standoffish looking rooster, his "comb" swept back over critical eyes.

"I'll spare you the biographies," Foxflash says gruffly. "We're here to remember our lost, but they wouldn't have us mourning when there's work to be done. Bast--missing in action, recovered and went missing again. Sensing a pattern?" He's gruff, clipped, has very little patience for all this. The screen behind him shows a feline Reploid with white and blue armor. "Us too. There's a reason they went for her--she's been a little firecracker since she turned up over here. Hell, even we never saw all her blackbox tech. She put a hurt on 'em, that's for sure. For our other missing member... well, he's hardly ours. He saw and served with more units than any other hunter in history. Laconic?"

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"Does he agree to the primary point of negotiation?" Qiyue asks, clearly still cautious about this deal.

"Protection from the assassins of the Tang Clan? Of course. The Eagle Clan has always had a rivalry with the Spiders of Sichuan; protecting you from them is something we can all agree upon. I tried to arrange a marriage, like you suggested Lady Yuan, but..." Han Ren says apologetically, and Qiyue nods.

"He refused. I understand. As you said, Gallant Eagle's son flies where he wills. His womanizing is well known throughout the jianghu. And his drinking. And brawling."
She sounds mildly like she finds this behavior distasteful.

"Hero Sky," you hear, and next to you is Yen Boli, the muscled and soldier-lik chief of Qiyue's bodyguards, sliding down the wall to sit near you. "Mind if I sit?"

You shake your head in response

"Can I ask, what is it between you and the Iron Palm Chief?" the bodyguard asks.


>"Guy can hold a serious grudge." [Truth]

>"First, what's with this 'Four Houses' thing?" [Deflect/Subject Change]

>"I'll tell you if you can introduce me to a good weaponsmith." [Ask Weapons]

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You can corner a riptide. It takes a bit of work, but you can. Sorta yakkity-sax'ing around the board until you eventually tie it up with deathcompany who proceed to fuck it 8 ways til sunday.
I usually just ignore them and wipe out his troops so he can't score. Riptides are pretty scary, yes, but not invincible.
I like using ratlings to plink wounds off them and force saves. Sure I could use plasma guns, but there's something so much more satisfying about shitty sniper rifles.

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This is how I monk

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>Using Suplex on a tonk witch

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Don't forget that JRPGs go way more over the top. Where WRPGs start with characters at least somewhat constrained by reality, JRPGs start with exceptional characters and only get more ridiculous from there.

Story-wise, they tend to treat any sort of character death as a Very Important Thing that just won't happen until it must in the story, but when it does, it is very very final. Characters who fall in battle are at best "knocked down", at worst can be resurrected with no complications. Phoenix downs are cheap.

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8 wounds and "trip".


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That would require extra effort on part of developer though.

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mechanically I tend to make 1 turn power spike characters. 1 circumstance or set up based characters. chargin mah lazer type of shit.

My characters are getting more and more CE lately. I get more shit done now, and no one I played with had any respect for the law.

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Nothing, especially a tunnel mutant could beat a train.

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>Player Rolls
>DM Rolls
>Player: NAT 20!
>Player: What did you roll?
>Player: Dude, what did you roll?
>DM: Hold on a sec; I need to get my fucking graphing calculator to figure out how much damage it takes just from being flipped over going at top speed.

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>lego ghost train
where's my lego sabin?

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While it'd be good to get Anode out of the fight--and you're pretty sure that would be game--they'll see it coming a mile away. No, better to hit India. The more time you give her, the more time she has to cook something up anyway.

You speed towards Anode quickly, who skids to a halt and puts up an unusual guard--somewhere between a boxer's stance and a ready position for his lance. You put it together quickly enough--he's gotten into a buster scrap or two and likely knows what to look for. His form's a little loose but you can tell he wouldn't make it easy to get a shot off up close. No sense wasting fire from here, either. Getting a hit in on him from outside is as easy as it would ever be, without his VWES in this, but he's practically a walking force screen. You bob and weave just the same, making sure he can't line up an easy shot, even as you draw close, and then about three bounds out from the leap you abruptly re-angle and turn on India, juking around a shot.

"Fuck it, smoke him!" she yells, as four busters--hers, Em's, two from 'Node--all pour it on at once. Em maneuvers to catch you crossways.

Quantity has a quality all its own, true, but you've done this before. Even as the tinsel blasts scythe back and forth like anti-air fire, you weave through, between, around, across, sensing the lulls and gaps in fire from years of hard experience. Anode gives chase behind you, gaining fast, his fire getting harder and harder to dodge--

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I rather liked the mechanic of Final Fantasy VI where life and death were opposite forces. So healing would damage a zombie and life (ressurrection) would destroy it. Lifedrain on zombies would be reversed so you'd just heal them and harm yourself. Alll in all it seemed like a very good dynamic.

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While multiple races are a bit of a guilty pleasure I admit they're little more than a stand in for human cultures and ridiculous exaggerated aspects therein.

Personally, I'd prefer human nations or states with unique cultures to regions. Especially since a human character can run the gambit of motivations and actions.

Plus, he different race shtick is really lazy. Of course we know what he's gonna do, he's an elf!

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I'm not denying that. I'm just saying that the wow factor was partially in the graphics.

The limit breaks were a large improvement from this.

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