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>obviously, I run smack into the supernatural threat we SHOULD have been focusing on, and my character is severely injured to the point of running on fumes for the rest of the chapter, but I experience something that gives me one of the two types of XP available, letting me up muh devil powers
>clearly this was something we all should have run into together if we wanted to remain on the same footing
>other players are like "why'd you do that on your own, we missed out on sweet buffs"
>i'm like "nobody else wanted to, I was constantly trying to convince you guys and you wouldn't do it"
>all but one of them either choose to engage selective memory about this and think I'm trying to be the main character, or seem to acknowledge this but still remain bitter as fuck
>for a long while everyone is salty as fuck that they missed out on something important due to their own inability to think critically

Luckily the GM managed to hook everyone again and it turned into a great campaign, but I'll forever remember how bored and then annoyed everyone made me by being so fucking dense and then so fucking bitter about it after.

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>kind hearted generous girl who likes bondage
Alira! We'll be philanthropist rulers and make lots of laws to alleviate poverty! m-maybe she'll discover she likes doing the tying sometimes too.
They're all nice though, especially Betty and Lenora.

The Sister. I'll s-show her my army and see if she likes it. It's little versions of her!

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>I don't even have my ships yet and this nigga is tearing them apart for terrain

For real though that looks petty great.

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DAMN. I'll be back thought Lannister! Your little Rock will never be safe from the Greyjoys! Submit!

Yeah he's been doing it all game for a 1 or 2 T bonus.

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I'm not saying it can't work, I'm saying that it causes a lot of headaches on the GM side most of the time.

I'm using "encounter" as "challenge faced by the party." The same things could be said about a non-combat check, and if anything it's exaggerated. The socialite of the party with some massive set of speech skills throws off a social encounter to the point where you either let them talk the enemies into surrender all the time or your force the party to sit there jacking off while he or she monologues for twenty minutes, since, while most party faces will have at least a few combat skills, few combat bruisers will have even a single social skill. Unless your whole party is scientists, what are they going to do when a bio-engineering check comes up? Likewise, if such a check isn't a regular part of the game, wouldn't you feel like you wasted all those resources during character creation? It's a really fine line that I'm just annoyed at having to constantly play around as a foreverGM.

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>not Building hard enough to bend reality
Do you even Exalted?

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One day I'll make a potion that looks as delicious as that.

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It's just Goreshade3 but with 10 FOC and Divinity.

>Cryx players when

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>almost a year since the last update
>writer insists he's still going

I'm going to find that motherfucker.

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Well at least Aasimar are back.

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>[x]Get over there and see what your accursed predecessor wants.

Betrayer, housewife, cockblocker.

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I couldn't get past the first paragraph. Motherfucker don't know shit about how to properly use passive voice and incomplete sentences, get that nigga some Cormac McCarthy or Willy Faulkner.

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I'm so sad, is it over for getting Tatsuko back or will we get another chance?
>mfw she's me favorite character

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Oh don't be like that. You don't have to be evil all the time, but occasionally just being a band of blatantly plotting assholes to the point of ridiculousness is fun.

Screwing over a monk for trying to sue you is a part of that.

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This is how I alchemist.

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A player in my group has ended at least 5 campaigns by killing himself. 2/5 of those times were of him killing himself for no reason.
>Alone on the ship
"I put my shotgun in my mouth and pull the trigger"
>Alone with the paladin near monsters
"I get their attention and run back to the paladin." Who was 2 points of health away from death, mind you.
>Just killed an Ork Warboss in melee.
"I ram the chainsword through my head"
>Finished combat with 8 giant eagles.
"I jump off the cliff."
>Druid talks some predators into letting the group pass.
"I taunt the predators into attacking me"

>mfw he hasn't been removed from the group.

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Open a restaurant. I'd be able to get all the exotic ingredients from throughout the multiverse, learn countless cooking techniques from different cultures, and probably attract tons of interesting travellers who want a taste of my legendary sausage.

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