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Some see this as a physical conflict, to be fought and won with bolt, shell, and sword. But this is really a war of wills, a battle for Humanity's very soul. The species itself stands on the brink of destruction, and very little can be done to staunch the slow bleeding of the Imperium. Forget how science and progress can help us. Everything has become religion now, and ritualized, even the powering on of the sacred machine spirits of guns and tanks. Forget understanding and tolerance, because if the Imperium must survive, it must survive through a cruel and bloody regime, a machine of continuous sorrow and sacrifice that grinds millions under its heel each day so that the Imperium can live another day. Humanity sells lives to combat relentless enemies, within and without, and they, like us, will give no ground. The universe is a charnel house, a cemetery waiting for the slow genocide of humanity.

But we won't go down without a fight.

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Alright /tg/ you guys are pretty knowledgeable on the whole 40k fluff thing so here's a question,

Are there any left handed space marines?

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Well, you see, after the Horus Heresy (most of) the Loyalist Legions (groups of Marines that were very much larger than the present Chapters) were broken down into smaller Chapters that way nobody would ever have too much power. You have a Chapter that kept the name of the original legion (for example, Imperial Fists) and then you have the Chapters that branched from it (Black Templars). In addition, you have Chapters that sprung up hundreds or thousands of years later using the "Gene Seed" from that original legion and thus are all connected as one incestuous family.

For the Chaos Legions, you have tons of smaller Warbands that broke off from the first legions to do their own thing.

However, the Blood Raven thing is sort of odd in the sense that their a Loyalist Chapter (possibly) made up of remnants of Loyalist Thousand Sons forces. Obviously this is not an everyday thing and an exception to the rules.

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I hate that picture and everything it stands for.

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Holy shit really? What the fuck are they?

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Okay, so we've got a shit ton of space marines and a few guard regiments for this upcoming /tg/ crusade writefag project, but we need to give them something to fight without it turning into another Badab War. This is a request for future homebrew faction projects to be more oriented toward non-Imperium forces, such as the Orks, Chaos, Eldar, etc.
Thank you.

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Hey /tg/

Whats your opinion on using assault terminators and a land raider crusader? I am not sure if I should buy them? Any advice?

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is close but not quiet .

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hmm looking at some of my chaos figureings from warhammer 40k, i must ask can some one define what is porn

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hi /tg/ SM player looking for help with my matches today. by help i mean FUCKING CHEESE MY ASS OUT. had a week worth of space wolf, BA, IG and tau assholes talking about SM being shit. BA/tau player is THAT GUY of the group. they xpect my usual chaos trickery but today i bring sm out of retirement to bring the empra's jusice to my lgs. Now brothers please help me.

I was thinking of doing 2-3 combat squads 2 with norm layout with razorbacks TLlas or las/TLplas. maybe a 3rd in rhino or pod with melta/MM to take mid obj and hold. The sternguard+lib drop pods looks like fun. Dreds with TLlas/ML.

one of my major questions is with sternguard. if i combi melta or flame. do they lose their ammo? i know taking anything but a bolter they do but what about combi since they are still using bolters technically.

1000-1500 points depending on who is there and how long ppl can play. My opponents have almost no mech other then some devilfish hammer heads and suits. IG player usually bring 1 or 2 tanks(no lemon rus). The other player who is SM does have tons of mech like i run in my chaos army. He is really the only person im worried about but he knows the power of SM unlike those heretics and xeno lovers

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>They aren't castrated. They don't have their testicles removed

Yes they are, when they accept Rowboat Girlyman as their spiritual liege they won't need balls anymore

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is this modern 40k art? There's detail, yeah, but there's still an overall composition that leads the eyes well.

it seems like yer trying too hard to sound like an expert. This is an image board dude, you can post pictures too if you want to give examples.

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>>11036891does /tg/ have one of these?

here you go

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>More Apocalypse!

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Can you spot him?

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Fuck your metric system.

180 cm, 64 kilo. Working out 2 or 3 times a week.
Pic for /tg/ relation.

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Is it possible for the Emperor to critical fail a morale check and be killed by a commissar?

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