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>Be me
>I'm a worker in the Veclides sector
>Normal day goes by
>I return to my dwellings
>I drop my keys
>Keys fall down several stories and into a puddle of sewage
>Walks down several flights of stairs to retrieve keys
>when suddenly
>i hear something from above
I look up into the black sky and hear music
>music grows loader
>Music continues to get louder
>Music is so loud my vision begins to shake
>Purple lights erupts from the heavens
>My eyes begin to bleed
>i pass out
>wake up
>Naked people flood the streets
>the air is thick with strange smells
>then suddenly
>a crazy crab lady shoves her claws up my ass
> I scream in agony before she proceeds to tear my head off
> A group of crab daemons then procede to turn my body into a strange narcotic substance
> before force feeding my lifeless head the substance.
> so now i,m forever trapped in this murder rave planet
> the GOD EMPEROR has abondonned me
> all i want is death
> But here i am
> And all of this because i was a phyker...
> Damn

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>"Daddy do you have to go? Can't you stay?"
>"Daddy has to go and deal with a small thing. I'll be back in time to walk you into you first day of school with mommy."
>Three days later a knock on the door is heard. The mother opens the door to see a member of the Commisart standing there holding a Commissar Cap.
>"Are you the wife of Commissar Ludson?"
>"Yes I am. What's the matter?"
>"I'm so sorry ma'am. He died in the field of battle this afternoon against a band of heretics,"
>Mother sinks to her knees. Daughter walks around the corner.
>"Mommy where's daddy?"
>The Commissar hands the child the Cap.
>"I'm sorry."

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Hey, i'm looking at joining my first DH2 game, and the party apparently needs someone who is either/or shooty, smart, and can actually talk to people. I'm up for playing anything, so what would be the best class/character type?

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Here's a picture of a Sister of Battle as a child!

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If anyone else has pictures like this, please share them. Thank you.

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Fuck, I am stupid. Let's use >>43180638
as the roll for Creed.
>For the Homeworld
which would kinda make sense if you consider>>43180621.
2 more d100s and we are done.
Maybe come up with some camo patterns or some legends after that.

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Uphold the Honour of the Emperor - Performing unheroic acts? *BLAM* No.


Roll 1 d 10 for thei--fuck flaws. They are assholes to their population. Flaw enough.
Roll 1 d 100 for figure of legend.

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Thanks based anon!

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God damned, I remember this game, played it a few months ago, had it for a few years.
It was fun but I moved on, downloading it again, what are the main differences between d20 station and something like paradise station?

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Unorthodox, this will be very very nice.

Roll 1 d 100 for their special equipment!

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Once again the situation and overlook was pretty heartrending. There were dead bodies lying scattered, some of those couldn't even be considered bodies but rests as nothing but an arm was left from some of them.

The garage was almost empty. There were some military vehicles but they were in good enough condition, in one of the Chimeras a dead body of a female and young looking Commissar lied with her chest completely open and several medical tools on her now rotting guts. It seemed that she got hit and that they tried to save her life on the run while evacuating. On that vehicle many more persons could have traveled but if your suspicions were true most of the space was took by her body and the medics that performed the difficult procedure. Many brave soldiers were left behind only to give the Commissar a slightly increased chance of survival...martyrs of a lost cause as she seemed to die anyway. At least the vehicle was right and it's machine spirit didn't seemed to be wounded nor enraged.

On the hulls of some of those tanks there were claw marks and other tainted wounds. Proof of how wild and deranged those prisoners managed to get on the brink of the battle.

You doubted if the vehicles who were still on a working condition belonged to the Inquisitor or the stillborn penal guard. Anyhow you and your team blessed them and asked for forgiveness for the damage they suffered and begged them to continue working for the years to come.

The Cathedral was specially hard to look at for the two non battle hardened techpriests. It wasn't only dead people now but dead and maimed techpriests who died hiding from the daemons or slowly lost their vitality from a bleeding wound. Inside of the temple the smell of pus and death mixed with the one of the sacred incense and oils, making an ever more puke inducing musk.

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Seeing as someone already posted a similar thing and got some nice feedback.

The Edessan Crusade:

Themes: Brotherhood, War, struggle, cthulian horror, unity purpose, glory.

Intro for my OW campaign, any feedback?

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take a poll
lets do this

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"Yes, I am alive - but I need help, where am I?" the men look amongst each other surprise on their faces before one of them turns to answer: "Yer on the river kid, Dolman's River."
Dolmans.. the river on your map did not actually say a name.. do planetborns usually name their rivers.. or did it just belong to a man called Dolman? Hopefully he's not upset about you using the river.
"..I've got a map, could you show me where I am more exactly?" you stammer as the men begin to steer the boat towards you, the unmistakable humming of a machine coming to life emanating from the ship.
Affirmative answers comes from the men as they take to shore, jumping of the boat to land, they are big - and all carry the same eyes and hair - suggesting the older of the four to be the rests father, or similar.
"Name's Malan, 'tis me wife's spawn - Tim, Tamik, and Romal" the older man states, pointing to each of the men in turn, the oldest growing old himself, the youngest seeming to be a very young man, probably in his twenties.

"My name is Schulte, Rangers talent - via dominatus" deciding to keep to the shorter version for the planetborns benefits. "I need help, could you show me where I am on this map?" repeating yourself.. just to make sure they get it...

"Right lass - how you ended up here anyway?" the older one says, grabbing the map as you offer it to him... the rest of the boys eye you up and down with a curious stare.. their simply dressed, brown loose fitting clothes,
must different from the quality cloth your own jacket is made of, you see no augmentations on any of them, nor any indication of mechanical attachment, no slates, no weapons... its odd seeing people so.. naked.
You do notice the youngest one peering at the black metal piece sticking out of your pants jackets inner pocket, only the handle viable for the world.

>What do we answer?

>A: (Be honest) I am from the Scholia, got lost.
>B: (Tell a lie)(Specify)
>C: Other

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From that day forward, until the day you died you never quite could tell anyone what had happened in the woods that night, what came over you as you stood alone in the darkness, something had broken inside you as you heard the sound cracking close by again. Something had snapped, instead of running like you had, you stood still, letting the heavy weapon rest between your palms. It came for you eventually, you could tell - a lifetime onboard starships had taught you well, a lifetime spent picking out individual sounds from endless screams, echoes and humming of machinery. Here, in the drumming of the rain, it was child's play. That though brought a smile to your face as you silently await, like child's play... Yes, it was just like playing Xeno hunters. Wait for them to move, then tag them... find them in the massive space of the ship.

It came.

The heavy black metal piece in your hand almost vibrating at this point.. you closed your eyes and listened for it. Behind? No. It was moving, sizing you up, you knew - how you could not tell, but you knew. It was coming. Moments dragged on, each heartbeat impossibly slow, each drop of rain hitting your nose like an explosion, curling your toes and sinking into the muddy ground you awaited the monster lurking amongst the tree's, you smelt it - a foul stench that reminded you of burnt rubber and stale water. It came at you from an angle, for your back and you twisted around faster then you ever had done in your life, your eyes open, gazing for the first time at the massive lumbering beast lurching for you - a black mass of death.

You pulled the trigger pin.

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