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>P-San is usually in the CiC and we're not suppose to be out in the field.

And yet, we go out with our girls nearly -every mission-.

Its more accurate to say we USED to camp the CIC, but don't anymore.

And that itself is the answer to your question:
Because the producer already has the augs, and is in the field and onsite so much, he's the candidate to be replaced by someone when shit goes down.
the -strength- of the system is being able to use our better trained base personell while not dragging them into the field.
Need techs? Falynn replaces producer
Need medical? Doctor replaces producer
Need onsite hacking? Hacker comes in
Need both? Jenner gets replaced too. She's exmilitary, and would have the equipment.

This also handily addresses the 'but it steals the show from the girls' arguement.
It keeps the support staff supporting the idols, it just changes how they support. No detraction involved

>Just because someone can doesn't mean someone will.
MFW someone actually gets this aspect of the system and doesn't bitch about it.

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>Roll 1d100 to find a sneaky way out
>Rolled 100

We Shadow Runner now :D

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> Post Cultist-chan
> Grognards start foaming at the mouth
> Heretics rush to defend their waifu
> Just as planned.

Well played, OP. Well played.

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> well-loved "role player" on a notorious WoW server.

> Everything turned out better than expected.

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Was at church camp, camping in the woods under a huge tarp. Was right next to the counselor and she had the most fantastic ass imaginable. So, I reached over and grabbed myself a handful of dat ass. It was pitch black and I heard her bolt upright and smack the group's "Funny guy" who was always grabbing on the girls and was constantly talking some bullshit. Most satisfying moment of the entire trip.

Of course nobody suspected me because I was the shy quiet kid who never did anything wrong.

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>mfw I'll be wearing a mask when I'm sanding/filing/shaving resin because I'm not a complete retard.

Natural Selection, how does it work?

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Fighters? Yeah, I've faced quite a few of them in my time. Pituitary retards who spend more time bashing their skull against rocks than trying to think. Which really only exacerbates the problem to be honest.

The last one I cremated was just a prime example of what happens when you value brawn and attempts at intimidation over careful planning and pragmatism. This fool struts into my lair literally covered in blades of all kinds. Swords, daggers, axes, spears, and to top it all off he wasn't wearing a lick of armor. Imagine a walking knife rack with a bare chest, hardly anything covering their nethers, and a shit-eating smirk on their face. To be fair, the sheer number of metal objects he had strapped to his body probably could deflect a few blows but really this idiot was taking this to a new level of ridiculous. Well, he goes and bellows a war cry and charges at me. I flip a switch and a trap door opens in front of him. He tries to stop, but because of his momentum he just skids right over the edge. He caught the edge of the floor and was just hanging there, whimpering like a coward.

Well, he couldn't pull himself up, he was too heavy. He couldn't drop any weight because he had to use both hands to keep from falling. I took my time gloating over his foolishness, and was in the middle of a rather good monologue when he starts hurling most vile insults at me. Well, I'm the first to admit I have a bit of a temper but really the audacity! I melted his face off and watched the idiot fall into the spike pit below. It was strangely satisfying.

And that, young apprentice, is why you should never fear a fighter. They're all a bunch of morons.

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Ok, this thread has become entirely too silly.

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Drawfagging faggot dubs. Check'em.

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You sir have just earned a place on the wall of Magnificent Fuckups. Congratulations!

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