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Soul Drinkers tried it.

They fell to chaos then tried to redeem themselves but still had the taint of their mutations from Tzeentch.

Ah believe the 40k setting's pretty black and white where absolute piety in the Catholic church isn't a matter of opinion, it's a metaphysical requirement for the sanctity of your soul.

If you're turning against the Imperium you're turning against the God-Emperor and mankind, yourself in a sense. You're losing the protection of faith in the emperor and hatred for xenos, exposing your psyche to the terrors of the warp.

You're prime bait for a daemon to manipulate.

Unless by "renegade" you mane "Defying the Lords of Terra". That happens all the time. Black Crusaders tell the Inquisitors to fuck-off, they fight, but no one's declared heretic by the higher authorities back home.

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Convergence is the most-neato faction with its' animatronic transhumanism and special rules.

I don't play Warmahordes though. Do you table folks like the new stuff, just want expansions to your current armies, or hate anything not dwaves'n elves?

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What army, from any wargame, has the most synergy between its' units?

Like you hit-up an enemy force with a debuff from unit A and it makes it especially vulnerable to a special ability from unit B.

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So, aside from the orcs, what's going on in your campaign that needs fleshed-out?

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>Bible forbids usury


The Bible says there's nothing wrong with jews charging usury to non-jews.

>usury is the foundation of banking


The foundation of banking varies from place to place. In european nations it was typically a noble family letting a wise investor manage their estate or commoners paying a vault-owner to hold their savings so they couldn't be robbed by bandits.

Along the silk road buddhist monastaries became bankers as merchants would leave various goods behind in cells, getting agreements with the monks they trust to only allow so-and-so to withdraw those goods. This practice made for more flexible trading, allowing merchants to keep travelling and resupplying sooner instead of waiting on each other, and monks prospered from getting a cut.

>only people who were willing to do so.


There were Christian bankers. The Catholic church enforced a monopoly on usurious banking for jews.

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He knows for a fact from his past lives that there's an immaterium and magic/psychic powers are real as well as spirits.

What he's really up to is some sort of technocracy where belief in the imperium is so strong it prevents immaterium forces from manifesting and disrupting it.
His "don't worship me as a god you silly subjects" could've been PR as he sought to make himself the most powerful being in the warp.

Better Q if
1. Elves are more psychically potent than humans.
2. The elven empire was bigger than mankind.
3. Slaanesh is made up of most of those elves.

Then how does the Emperor even given thousands of human psykers to burn-out and the faith of most of the imperium, have the power to hold back Slaanesh and the other ruinous powers?

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What conspiratorial game takes the least set-up time?

Cthulutech? X-files?

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That's the best mini I've ever seen. That cloth. Those materials. If only the packs came with such little outfits to cover the plastic...

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Decking was made worthless because any time you'd've use for it in the story a decker was provided for you, making a PC decker redundant.

Riggers were good for their sneaky-bots and bonus AP (via bots). Mages were the most OP with their blinding, haste abilities, and option to use their abilities at a health loss.

A shaman playthrough was tempting just for a high-charisma all-the-conversation-options build. But again, like deckers, it's rendered needless since you're provided a shaman when they're important.

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>does /pol/ count as well?

>keep /pol/ in /pol/

It's the most official containment board of all. m00t's publicly a marxist and only marxist opinions are tolerated on this site.

Another containment board is /soc/. "Rate me" / camwhore threads were becoming really popular and bleeding across several boards from /b/ to /tv/ to /r9k/.

What's the difference between splintering off a popular subject into its' own board and keeping threads on that topic to the board devoted to it -as is done with all boards- and a containment board?
The containment board is supposed to be reviled.

The worst part is m00t bullshits endlessly in interviews, panels, speeches, etc. about how this site's all about free speech but it says right in the rules, "no rascist comments" so it's as free-speech forbidding as any other place.

We used to've /q/ to discuss these things but SRS pumped it full of "get rid of /pol/ or make us the mods so this site can be a sub-reddit" threads all day erry day so m00t gave up on that thread.

Should bring it back so folks like last thread's OP could be answered.

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Plastic Surgery Man.

A powerbroker for several kingdoms who became obsessed with his appearance, convinced pristine hair, suites, muscles, etc. were the key to dominating other men in conversation to get your way. He invested so much in trying to keep his aging body appearing young that he eventually heard about and bought necromantic grimoires, tearing through them like a self-help book for recipes, and in typical paradigm-breaking fashion inventing his own spells.

His phylcantery is the finest business dress you've ever seen, a glamour upon it makes you wish you could wear an outfit like it but you've never seen one. The man inside the suite is actually an inhumanely beautiful homonculus bound to the suite.

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Who's the whitest chapter,

1) Norse Space Wolves
2) Germanic Black Templars
3) Knightly Dark Angels

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Using the "make-your-own Space Marine chapter" rules, what's the closest army list I can get to blitzkreig-style play: planes, tanks, fast attack.

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Never. NEVER! Oh-kay....

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Your character must use a lot of drugs.

Mage's the most powerful because Blinding an enemy's the biggest effect in the game.
Samurai's the 2nd strongest cause they can kill the quickest / stay in the fight the longest.
Rigger's can kill the 2nd quickest so they're 2nd.
Shaman can support well with their haste spell but now we're getting into less useful classes.
Decker's suck less than adepts because sometimes you need to enter the matrix.
Adepts are the absolute worse as they've to run up to a guy and swing a sword at him which's so stupid in a setting with machine guns that it should be cut.

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According to Dawn of War 2 they're sterilized through the water supply.

Some folks interpret this as anti-tau imperial propaganda. Others say it's to go with the communist paranoia of the 50s (fluoride at water treatment plants to poison the population on demand) which the Tau have been characterized by.

I believe the latter. There are other hints matching the communist-conspiracy angle, like Vespids becoming taken over by their leaders wearing helmets (mind control), Etherals preventing the fighting of the castes for their own control, "For the greater good" anti-individualism.

Otherwise, the Tau would be this pure, genuinely good race out-of-sorts with the rest of the setting and it'd be bullshit how definitively they're the most likeable weeaboo-manga-mecha option.

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>cultural stigma

nerd please.

Everyone plays board games growing up and plenty of families play them at get-togethers.

Even party-goers typically play card games, a form of board-game.

I'd say the hindrance to most board games is due to their barriers to entry vs payoff
1) cost
2) time spent learning to play
3) Prep time before play
4) duration of play
5) space/location needed to play
6) Other people who must participate locally
7) the efforts they must put forth beforehand and during

So you've a highly subjective experience of questionable worth with a high investment cost. If you brave discovering a new game and find a band of people who enjoy it with you, then you're all inculcated against learning a new game because it means abandoning all your previous investments and starting over for a questionable gain.

The same principles folks point out about the ubiquity of 3.5 applies to the general public and any boardgame. It's not that they hate ninjas vs aliens by rolling dice it's that they doubt the heavy front-end investment will pay off.

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In Shadowrun an international bank with the acronym ZO-G reigns over the largest corporations which rule the world.

In Infinity, the human nations are ruled by a network called "Alpeh", the first letter of the hebrew alephbet.

What other tabletop settings are based on modern real-world political hierarchy?

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Tau are necrontyr cut off from those who became necrons. Etherals were created in the warp by Eldar by fusing Tau souls in a process similar to the one which created the Emperor and Slaanesh.

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>It's good to think for yourself sometimes too.

Clearly the Spess Muhrine Commander has been corrupted by Chaos.

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Alot of those powers are worthless shit.

Obviously Star Gazer and pills.

Go on the run to make any folders on you useless, burning down your house behind you so there's nothing for the black dog to smell.

Use your powers to know what's coming the following day every night and start looking for the better powers like Snake, poison, and Black dog. Just shoot your opponents with a regular gun before they know your coming, following your tuition to take out those you can handle and avoid those you can't.

By the time you're out of pills you should have accrued enough of the best powers that a weaker prediction of the following day will be sufficient to defeat the remaining Chosen.

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Psychic Space Cyborgs!

Melee: 0
Ranged: 10
Magic: 8
Technology: 9
Building: 9
Diplomacy: 0

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You also must remember however bad it is folks will prefer something because it's familiar. Like a woman staying with the man who beats her because there's no gurantee that there will be a next guy let alone that he will be atleast as good

But wait, there's more!

1) The wealth whites invest in the $ by accepting it as payment for our labor is diluted through bank and government expenditures issuing new $s, impoverishing us and thereby reducing the number of children we can support.
2) Non-white families do not have to contribute anything to survive. The government enables them to've any number of kids at the expense of productive whites.
3) Black-on-white and hispanic-on-white crime are many times higher than the reverse so whites are literally being robbed to produce more people who will rob, assault, rape and murder them.
4) Someone who harms a white man is protected from justice by the police, provided for by jail which according to a study in North Carolina actually extends the life expectancy of blacks.
5) Whites who harm non-whites are punished more severely under "hate crime" laws.
6) Assaults on whites are entirely legal in places like the UK.
7) The government pays to import somalis who can't even afford their transport in Sweden.
8) The state will pay for the deaths of white babies at the expense of producers.

and this isn't even a comprehensive list of the infrastructure maintained by our rulers to diminish the white minority.

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