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Maybe it's not their tank? They don't look like the operators, and with that gun I'd think it's a Leman Russ or something, so if say the actual crew thought of doing this already, there's no room for extras.

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The absolute fascism that is the Imperium of Man, the Napoleonic tactics in warfare, the overall badassness of the Imperial Guard, all the novels written around the game.

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Or HBO does a series about Gaunt's Ghosts titled "Band of Ghosts"

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The other way you could roll with things is see if they ant to play "specialist" classes, and structure the game around that. Worth considering that it'd end up a bit more like Dark heresy, but you could easily work on a more command orientated role for the players, by perhaps giving them a squad to work with, or perhaps a VIP to escort.

For one it'd allow you to avoid comrades, and might make for a more heroic game.

In the end, do you want to play it as the genuine IG experience, wherein you will die incredibly easily and horribly, or something a bit more survivable and adventursome. It's up to you how you run it.

>all xplowsr
pretty much every game captcha. Pretty much every game.

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Also, either decide on a name for our CO (he/she can be either gender), or roll 1d100 to randomize the name (although then I'll randomize gender as well).

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well that's pretty cool, maybe some dust tactics IS tanks Could do the trick there too. now I've looked over the Valhallans, and they just look to winterized for my taste. I'm looking for more of a temperate weather style uniform

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>we must look really creepy.
Fear ensures loyalty!

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"Enemies of the Imperium hear me! You have come here to die. The Immortal Emperor is with us and we are invincible. You cannot win.

His soldiers will strike you down! His war machines will crush you under their treads! His mighty guns will bring the very sky crashing down upon you! So make yourselves ready, we are the 1st chronous Regiment, and today is our Victory Day!

5th Company, this is the moment of truth! You will not fear, you will not falter, you will not give a single step to the enemy!"

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stop doing the peaceful occupation thing, deploy expendable troops like conscripts backed up by elite units and Heavy armor. follow that with strategic bombing and orbit strikes at certain places like their village

start demolishing the forest, honestly just drive through it with heavy tanks with dozer blades or flamethrower troops, just start burning shit and the rest of this shitty place will catch, Full Napalm Airstrikes.

Go full serbia. kill ALL of them, men women children, do it in front of others of thier species if you can. Fear, Terror and hopelessness are your tools here. Find the Traitors and if you cant capture them for public execution. then just kill them on the spot.

the goal here is to destroy their will to fight, instead of trying to make them move. they've proven themselves to be an actual threat and should be responded to as such

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I just told you the stores I've played in. I can assure you I don't sell things I've collected. Give me a throwaway messenger ID or something and we can talk further. I'm really hesitant to share much more info than has been previously stated.

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/tg/, I have a player I wish to report to the Commissariat. At our LGS, said player, mid twenties, who is the bane in several player's happy fun time games.

Basically, a "That Guy" thread

Some of his offenses
1. He rarely comes prepared: He shows up to scheduled Warhammer 40k/Fantasy games with no main rulebook, no dice, no army book etc. and has to borrow from others at the store (often players who are trying to play their own games).
2. Fraudulent lists: every game we play we have to run his army list through army builder or some such other device to ensure he plays at the given point values. Every time, he's way over in points.
3. Will leave the table to converse with others, often when his opponent is making moves. This one is the player's biggest complaint, as he often butts into conversations when not invited while asking irrelevant questions

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/tg/, what IG regiment should I collect if I want my force to look and dress fancy?

I already have some Vostroyans but I was wondering if I should start up a Mordian regiment since you know, they're fancy as fuck and have Commissar level caps.

Also, Imperial Guard general.

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>The Daemon dies under the fire of a half dozen space ships
>Or it condenscends to let us think that, either way it leaves Commoragh with a wail and an explosion of sound and fury
>Surprisingly Archon Mordror keeps his word and lets us leave in peace
>I spend the next six months scouring the galaxy in search of Indigo Menace
>I find Genestealer cults and Slaaneshi pleasure Dens but no sign of of the horrors that haunt my dreams
>My colleagues in the Inqusition file it away and declare it case closed, I am forced to agree with them, no matter how much that smile haunts me in my twilight hours
>Captain Killinger returned to service in his Chapter's Crusade of Reason and occasionally I help them, to date I have used my Inquisitorial authority 27 times on their behalf, mostly to countermand unnecessary purges. I've killed 6 Inquisitors over this.
>Far Seer Rallindrae retired to the newly settled Exodite world that was named after her, occasionally I visit her.

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/tg/ look upon this one's example. His faith was lacking and he failed in his duty. But fear not! My faith is bottomless!

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Some on the ground, slumped sitting against the trench wall, lips mumbling, rocking back and forth. One grabbing his helmet and ripping it off, pressing his hands against his ears, face red from screaming, with the audio still the muted sound overlaid with the whispering. The camera snaps back to the main character, as he shakes off the whispers and the audio snaps back to full battle, and resumes fighting. Shot of the officer shouting to 'bring him down' camera panning over to where the squad's autocannon team is entrenched and they start blasting away, big dramatic autocannon casings flying from the weapon. Cut to the target area of the autocannon and show the cultists around him getting shredded and the cover they're in being blasted apart by the fire. The CSM firing back with his bolter walking forward, arm extended. Autocannon shells streaking past a few striking home, detonating on the armor, the CSM not breaking stride, powering forward like the superhuman deamonically powered monstrosity CSM are. A few more hits from las fire, and one final autocannon shell explosion that causes him to stumble, pause briefly to look around and assess the battle and begin to retreat, along with the remaining cultists, the few demons that remain popping back into the warp. The battle winds down and fire from the guard position tapers off, and the battle appears won. Add in some generic after battle dialouge, and a scene with the commisar granting the "emperor's mercy" to those driven irredeamably mad by tzneech.

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my favorite piece of 40k art

also more fantasy to come after a few more 40k pics

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> in a comic book store that sold GW stuff today with a friend.
> Friend finds t-shirt to purchase.
> Friend goes to buy shirt while I still browse.
> Guy at counter is currenly painting stuff and tells my friend to wait because he doesn't want to stop mid stroke,
> Friend goes along with it.
> Look over to see what he's painting
> Space Wolf battleforce
> Walk up to friend and say: "We must not inturrupt him, he's painting space-yiffs"
> Friend not being familliar with 40k gives me a "wat" face
> Counter troll gives me angry look
> Explain to friend that they're space marines with a furry theme, a new codex, and everyone and their cousin plays them these days.
> By this time friend has paid for his shirt
> Counter troll tells my friend to have a nice day and for me to take my internet hate with me.

> Didn't bother asking about the upstairs in the shop that obviously had game tables.
> Decided not to buy either of the comic/nerd related shirts I was considering getting.
> Won't be going back, even though its one of only 4 places that sell GW and 1 of the 3 that have gaming tables

ITT: How to ruin a potentially FLGS

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