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>chopping off your dick to better serve the emperor


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>tfw no abusive SoB gf to emotionally excite and edge me between combat missions

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Imagine not being blessed with Emperor's Purity.

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Tell me about your villains /tg/. Especially the ones that the players loved, or loved to hate.

How have you made your villains compelling, or good. How have you made them more than just a metaphorical cardboard cutout with "EVIL" written on in Arial Black? Villains need appropriate motivation to provide consistency in response to the player's actions. Do you define this as a vice, some motivating experience? A belief?

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See, I tried not posting SoB images for five years and I don't have plastic sisters yet, so obviously posting images will either help or not hurt my cause.

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>he can't swing out of phase

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>assuming you're not allying in detachments from other factions.

What is even the point of this list then ?

Sisters are middle tier alone, but celestine+one squad of metla seraphim is maybe the best ally that have ever existed, for 350pts.

Lone jetpack librarians are good in any imperium soup due to null zone alone.

ULTRAMARINE are meh tier, add Gulliman and suddenly you have a still top tier list.

Chaos without magnus/morty/horrors is rather weak.

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go on

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>tfw I started with sisters 10 years ago
>I bought 3 of my immolators off of a GW shelf
>bought several blisters from other stores, too
So glad I did, too.

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Now you understand

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The options are either risk the wrath of Sajuuk or die a slow death of starvation as the desert claims all.

And there is only the god emperor. Death to the heretic Gaalsien. Though I'll nick their hover carriers thank you very much

You're not wrong but I've been yelled at for ignoring mechanics in the past.

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It is a shitshow. At least the janitors are cleaning it up.

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I honestly wouldn't care if they found a way to make female marines now in lore via primas marines. Then again, would the Imperium want it? I think there's a big brotherhood culture to the space marines both in lore and out of it. The lore has been made in a way to insist that female marines can't be achieved due to genetics, and that seems to be because GW wants to keep this monkly order or knights going. At the same time, I have not many people here who didn't want female marines beyond having a fetish for muscle girls, amazon girls or just general SS fetish.

Eitherway if they did it, I hope it'll be subtle like the sig-female in AoS, nothing particularly focused on. But I guess if you were to do such a change it - would - have to be a big reveal.

And what would happen to the SoBs? They're supposed to be the answer to people wanting marine girls. I feel they'll have Gillyman disbands the church's armies because their whole shit exists due to a technicality; reform them into stormtrooper like the others likely.

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Whats Celestine and Gray fax doing during all this?

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Post yfw all the crappy assault armies become OP in 8th ed.

>mfw Black Templars are finally good.

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Page 7 new thread, purty gud.

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>Warhhammer 40k with more hitsw than WoW and Warframe combined

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>Defending heretics

Its BBQ time!

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>it's a SoB players get blown the fuck out episode
How will they ever recover?

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I like the wounded leader, especially for a Canoness because she leads from the front lines.

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Glad to be of service.

Anyway, Sisters are a lot better than people who don't know any better give them credit. We don't have giant fuck you machines, or fliers, or free shit, but we do have what
>>48785155 said.

Troops with Heavy flamers, dedicated Razorbacks with Multi meltas (and a fire point), quad melta scouts that ignore cover, quad shredding jump flamers, and then there's the Exorcist, which is a long range melta without the melta.

There's an eldar play who complains to hell and back about Sisters and it feels so good.

Make them hurt a lot.


Retributers are SoB devastators that can take 4 heavy flamers and their act of faith is Rending. Command squads can also take all heavy weapons of they want. Other than that, you can take 1 special and 1 Heavy/Special for Elites/Troops regardless of size, which is why 5 man squads are popular.

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>mfw the floor is now lava

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