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Time to exercise those imagination muscles of yours.

>Open your mediaplayer of choice
>Add all your music
>Randomize playlist a couple of times
>Make a setting with the songs mentioned below

1st song - Hero's theme
3rd song - Sidekick's theme
5th song - Lover's theme
7tg song - BBEGs theme
9th song - Final battle theme
11th song - Homecoming theme

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A crossbreed between an octopus and a rabbit would be adorable and appreciated.

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Banshee - A woman, dressed in white, who makes appearances to sing or recite poetry the night before a loved one is to die. Until very recently (when new legislation was introduced to protect consumers) life insurance companies frequently cancelled policies upon reports of banshee sightings. Great care must be taken to distinguish between banshee singing and banshee yodeling, as the latter merely indicates that you will, at some point tonight, accidentally ram your shin into the coffee table.

Basilisk - The origin of the phrase "If looks could kill." The basilisk is a small lizard-like creature hatched from the egg of a serpent. It secretes a venom so toxic that not even Keith Richards can survive it, and even its gaze is instantly deadly. Consequently many modern, peace-loving basilisks are forced to wear blindfolds in order to have any interactions with normal society; even so they have difficulty securing Prom dates, and are frequently picked last when deciding sports teams.

Centaur - Centaurs tend to be sensitive about their equine heritage, so avoid any phrase that references it, including (but not limited to) the following: "horsing around," "looking a gift horse in the mouth," "Trojan horse," "horse of a different color," and most especially "beating a dead horse." Under no circumstances should you offer a carrot or a sugar cube to a centaur. That said, they do have a tendency to run into burning buildings, so try to be careful, mmkay?

Chimera - Created on a dare by a drunken Zeus, the chimera has the head of a lion, the body of a goat, the tail of a snake, the social skills of a three-year-old, the aesthetic appeal of a dying toad, the ego of Donald Trump, and the e-mail address of practically everyone in Crete. It is universally disliked, except on Halloween, at which time its candy intake accounts for one-third of Hershey's total profit margin.

(more in next post)

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