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Also Lorgar was too good for the Emperor and the shitty galaxy he lives in.

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Hasn't the Imperium turned out exactly how he wanted it to? Why doesn't he try and take it over?

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>No, the T'au offer mankind a fate worse than the death that Necrons and Tyranids bring.
Except Tau aren't doing anything Chaos isn't already doing?
Only you know Chaos has space magic and actual gods to win you over?

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Unironically the best Primarch

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My lord, you have done battle with your Brother Magnus and foiled an attempt by Fulgrim. No doubt Mortarion and Angron are also angered at your return.

But what of Lorgar and his endless meditation. Or Perturabo.

At this rate, Lorgar will have been in greater slumber than even you! He doesn't do anything. . .

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Wasted everyones time? Da fuck? Lorgar was worshipping the Empy before it was cool, and they shat all over him for it.

Now the Imperium all worships a shrivelled little husk who cant even wipe his own arse and Lorgar has moved onto bigger and better things. Worships Chaos Undivided, and they all still think he's baller enough to be a Daemon Prince.

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Its that time again, /tg/. Time to make a Daemon Prince.

>1d4chan Page

>Current Pantheon
-Venenum Psykaris
-The Great invisible Asshole
-Invasion Dave
-The Silence

Give me an alignment, anons.
>A Minor God
>Something else....

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>shittier rules when it allows for more complexity and strategy

>AoS, a dumbed down shit system that ruins an entire setting is somehow better.

Nice shilling.

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Uncle Lorgar is now proud of us.
Special Equipment[edit]
Special Equipment (d100)
01-10 Preferred Fighting Style
11-20 Special Chaos Icons. Re-roll if your Warband's devotion to chaos is "Loathed".
21-25 Daemon Weapons. Re-roll if your Warband's devotion to chaos is "Loathed".
26-35 Bestial Companion.
36-45 Ancient Weaponry.
46-50 Unholy Wargear.
51-60 Stolen Technology.
61-70 Special Mount.
71-80 Unique Daemon Engines. Re-roll if your Warband's devotion to chaos is "Loathed".
81-90 Special Armour.
91-100 Biological Experiments

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People really are unfair with Lorgar. He orchestrated the Heresy and has been in blissful communion with the Ruinous Powers ever since. Keep in mind from the perspective of the Chaos Gods (and thus Lorgar himself) the Heresy was not a failure, as it gave them enough emotions to nom nom on for millennium to become. And if Horus were to win the Heresy Chaos would have been destroyed eventually via the extermination of humanity.

He went from a fanatical whiny pussy to a Machiavellian manipulator who fought toe-to-toe with mary sues personified like Girlyman. He is an inspiration to any underdog.

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Alright, but seriously. All the chaos gods embody different aspects of fear, as fear is a motivator behind the state that is chaos. Rarely do you have a bunch of well-adjusted, comfortable, confident people randomly burst into blood orgies. In the 40k 'verse, people worship the Chaos gods as to become a master and perpetuator of primal fears, rather than a victim of them.

People worship Khorne because they fear weakness, and brutality being acted out against them. With the gifts that Khornate cultists receive, they become masters of the violence that they'd once feared, liberating themselves in the raw, physical suffering that they inflict on those they now consider weaker. As for a real-world comparison, consider the fears of bullies, abusers, fighters and soldiers. They don't want to be hurt, or to be perceived by others as weak or 'soft', so they devote themselves to becoming pain-dispensers bar-none.

People worship Nurgle because they fear the inevitable decay and death of what's near and dear to them (up to and including their own lives). They see the eventual end of all their efforts and ambitions, and they despair. Nurgle cultists seek to conquer this fear by becoming an embodiment of the entropy that invalidated them in life. They force their misery and existential despair onto others, as to make less of a burden. Misery loves company, after all. Nihilists, misanthropists, and the extraordinarily depressed would know these fears particularly well.

As for the worshippers of Tzeentch? Irrelevance ignorance, and the status quo. The thought of being another worker-ant, or the man in the room who doesn't quite get the full picture, torments Tzeentch cultists. They wont stand for being a plebeian in an ossified, stagnant social order that doesn't accommodate their lofty goals. So they relentlessly pursue knowledge that was better left unknown, as a means to achieve power. Power to influence the world around them however they see fit.


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He's in a coma. Look at this guy. He's done nothing important since the Heresy, and he is still was the worst primarch.
How is it his fault for fighting too much to keep the traitors out of the Palace and dying to the man who had all four of the Chaos Gods in him?

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Is Lorgar going to end up being a Daemon Prince of a single god? Word Bearfags, how do you feel about this? I don't even like the Wrd Bearers but you don't make the creator of Chaos Undivided anything but an Undivided Prince?

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>fair enough.
Good answer. I'm not even sure how Word Bear fans feel about about Lorgar not being a daemon prince of Chaos Undivided but I am 100% certain that is it how everyone else with brain feels about Chaos Undivided being removed feels.

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>nobody suspects the inquisition

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>Can one of you guys elaborate on why he's a little bitch?
With pleasure. He was the most corrupted primarch and is an agsty choirboy. The Emperor told him about the Imperial Truth when they met and he just took that as a test of faith. Who else but a god would deny their divinity he thought. So eventually he decided to convert his entire legion to Emperor worship. He was always jealous of Rowboat Girlyman getting more praise than him, and eventually he created what he dubbed his "perfect city". Big E had heard rumors of him spreading Emperor worship and the man was already jaded towards religion already. In the original lore he was just chastised for being slow and this kind of shocked him that Big E wasn't pleased with what he was doing. Black Library says that the Emperor made the Ultramarines destroy Lorgar's perfect city and forced the entire Word Bearers legion bow down to him with his powers. Lorgar got butthurt and trusted some very vile people named Kor Phaeron and Erebus(the man responsible for sending the galaxy on the path of damination). Later he would believe the lies of a daemon princess. Anything else?

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All of you are wrong. It's Lorgar. Everything ever is Lorgar's fault. The current state of the Imperium? Lorgar's fault.

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So which Daemon Primarch should we kill off? I for one am for Lorgar. Have him die before getting humiliated like he did in that novel where Big E told him "son I am disappointed". Have the Sisters take a role in it so they look cool for once. Or at the very least reveal that he burned down his perfect city to show how accepting of the new religion Erebus and Kor Phaeron introduced him to.
I like this Anon.

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I like some of it, but I agree with you Anon. Lorgar's fanfiction can be enjoyable when you take it as fanfiction. I do love Vulkan Lives though.

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Sang will always be the second most handsome man in the galaxy. His father is the first because his sons' glamor genes had to come from somewhere.
Because he's an angsty chiorboy.

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It's probably the GKs. The only other choice would be the WBs since there is a lot of parallels between them, but Word Bearer geneseed is most likely on a tighter lock than most other traitor legion geneseed next to Horus's. They probably think it's cursed.

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I think he became one when he got to the daemon world the Word Bearers use and when the Chaos Gods went "You done us proud, boy."

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The choir boy is now a daemon prince with a stache.

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