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>anyone else hate that one Kasrkin model that had his gun pointed at the ground

Do you even 40k?

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Gunna have to go with Grimaldus on this one

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hey /tg/ need a 40k rules clarification from you.

When Imokath the Stormlord assigns hits to a unit does the unit still allowed to use cover saves? the FAQ says the shrouded rule does not apply but doesn't actually say no to cover. From my understanding when a unit is assigned hits, and attempts a save so long as he is 25% obscured from the firer he gets a save. In this case is Imokath the firer? Can he assign lighting strikes to units inside transports along with the transport themselves? Thanks my IG buddy just got stomped due to two lucky rolls (killed his manticore and his command squad before he even got to go) and we'd like to know for next time

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Because it doesn't work that way sometimes. The Inquisition can't just fuck around with certain chapters. Besides, some people have more important things to do, like staging the best fucking road trip ever.

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This thread need less chaos and more loyalty.

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>Not Grimaldus

Seriously? Nigga, you gay.

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Listen to this tepid and lukewarm advice. Don't listen to this garbage OP, your job as a Paladin is to be a righteous and uncompromising force of heretic purging wrath. Pick a god and go about zealously advancing their goals in the world. If anyone gets in your way, they are clearly vile foes who stand against all that is good and right, and must be purged. Remember that as a Paladin, you have divine authority and anyone who opposes you is also opposing your god. Strike these foul scum down without hesitation and don't fall for the platitudes of the weak and corrupt.

There will of course be those who say you go too far, that compromise is a necessary part of life, and that you should tolerate the vile practices of others. Just remember that these people represent the weakness that evil feasts on and uses to prosper. Anyone who doesn't adhere to the clear and obvious truth that you represent will only bring down the highest ideals that you strive to further. Remember, you are not a social worker, you are a Paladin, a mighty force of evil smiting, zealously crusading, never compromising justice and light. Act like it.

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It is uncertain how, or
when, the Black
Templars ceased to field
Librarians, for with their
disappearance, much of
the Chapter’s history was
also lost. Outsiders
suggest that, as the
Chapter came to worship
the Emperor as a god,
they took his decree at
the Edict of Nikaea to
disband their Librarius
divisions as holy law.
Others whisper that the
Black Templars’ geneseed
has somehow
deteriorated, or that their
Librarians were slain
during a great war in the
Chapter’s history. Some
scholars point to the
Black Templars’ final
battle to end the Catelexis
Heresy of M34, and the
apocalyptic psychic
death-screams that tore
through the Warp after
the slaying of the
Cacodominus, as another
possible explanation.
Whatever the truth, the
Black Templars have
come to accept the loss of
their Librarians as part
of the Emperor’s divine
plan. If the Emperor
decides to once again
bless the Black Templars
with Librarians, they will
embrace it, but until that
day, they will wage battle
without these powerful
warriors at their side.

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bumping for need

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Accept any challenge, no matter the odds!

We shall overcome! No Pity! No Remorse! No Fear!

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As long as they don't retcon Templars into a codex adherent chapter and give them some of their own awesome stuff, it can't be that bad, right?
I believe.

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>being this heretical

It makes me so angry, I want to shoot the floor you walk on.

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People love shiny, new things. But we'll always be there. As we've always been there.

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Hi /tg/!!

/mu/k/ raker here looking for your advice. I love the 40k universe and i love DnD, and I saw the other day that there are some roleplaying systems for the 40k setting. If i recall, Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, and another one. My question is, which one of these is the most fun? which do you guys like best and why?


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Why isn't GW making Thunder Warriors remnants fall to Chaos and wage war on the Imperium ?

Shit would be epic.

> GW doesn't know money not even when it hits them in the face

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