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Are you a heretic? You best not be a heretic.

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>About the artwork, who gives a rat's ass? If you want artwork go play some MMO. Comics are supposed to be here to tell a story.
Dude if I want a story without any art I'd go read a book. Comics like Tintin, Bone, Frank, Berlin, Watchmen, From Hell, Maus, Persepolis, Preacher, JImmy Corrigan, work because there is a succesful marriage between the visual and the written word. I love Bone but it would not work without its lovely art.

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Man I would play the hell out of a Dark Heresy video game with Bioware style story and team building mixed with this kind of combat. A boy can dream...

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Welcome to the world of fun and suffering, OP!

Tabletop RPGs can be lots of fun and let you do all sorts of things, but they can also turn out terrible. Which you'll probably learn if you hang around /tg/ long enough listening to horror stories of games people have been in.

Generic Tips:
1) Try and become a player in an existing group. They'll help you out and teach you things and you can get a feel for how things work before attempting to start your own group of complete newbies.
1.2) If you can't find a real in person group, consider trying an online game. /tg/ regularly has a Game Finder Thread up for just this purpose.

2. If you can't do #1, grab the nerdiest friends you can get and pick a system. Don't just limit yourself to D&D. D&D is the most popular tabletop RPG out there and has spanned multiple editions, but it is a far cry from the best system. You don't even have to do fantasy, there are plenty of science fiction settings or urban fantasy systems out there. If you want to list off some type of fiction (movies or books) you like /tg/ will probably be tripping over itself to suggest systems.

3) Don't get discouraged. Many games, particularly those with newbie GMs, tend to go bad. If your first game does go utterly terrible, don't let it paint your opinion. Finding the right group and system to play is often somewhat difficult and you'll find plenty of people on /tg/ complaining about it. But you'll also find plenty of people who can't wait to tell the story of the amazing session they just had with their group.

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>the idea that you can just print the thing he likes
You can't print biomorphs. They have to be grown which is a year long process.
>no matter how much you acquire it can ALL be taken away from you
A large point of the setting is that bodies and gear are disposable, you can always get a new one somehow. The only thing of true value transhumans have are their egos and secrets. If he can't get into that mindset, then I guess the system isn't for him.

>well we have a hose rule that i described on earlier post about implants and WT or TT
>the point is that an implats have the copyright of a hypercorp so:
>1) is illegal to do a blueprint of a implant and then put it in you
>2) you have to find the doctor that put an implant without certification number in you (can be easy or not) without call the medusa shield or a w/e defence hypercorp
>3) you have to need like years before come up with a blueprint of an implant, even if you have the skill to do it and the simulspace velocity, it should takes time.
Nothing but #3 is a house rule. DRM on many blueprints/items in the inner system that requires cracking and back alley installation is all in the book. Programming blueprints is a task action of 1 week/cost level.

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God damn, this thread is hilarious. But seriously OP, listen to the sensible adults and talk shit out with this dude. You probably do not want to go to jail.

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>[ ] Grab some One-Stars and build an entourage that follows your every whim
>[ ] Hunt down genuine rule-breakers. Playtime is over.
We're gonna need some muscle to enforce the rules. The Disciplinary Committee consists of more than Gamagoori, right? Can we use them?

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Dude if you mostly play pathfinder but hate it why don't you stop playing it? Are your friends just hooked on it and you can't get them to play anything else?

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Why do people hate camel toe IRL, but they draw it like all the time.

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>Game mechanics shouldn't fight against your character concepts, though.
If you can't accept the game as it is, then find other, more suiting your needs and tastes, or change any part that stings your eyes. You're free to do that - it's written somewhere at the beginning of most rulebooks.

Just simply don't argue how it is supposed to be if it works for other people just fine. And it works.

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Meh. In Dark Heresy we took it to heart to treat the VoidBorn bad.

Our Voidborn Techpriest is blamed for everything. Especially when the Psyker caused it.

>Pskyer rolls to piss off Commissar
>Fail Roll: Commissar's head explodes
>Fucking Voidberg.
>Fucking Robot
>Fucking Robot Voidberg

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I just realized something /tg/:
I have never seen a black man, or any woman for that matter, play 40K or WHFB. And no i don't mean "my boyfriend draggen me along to look at the pretty figures" i mean actually playing.

Tell me /tg/, is wargaming a White Man's hobby?

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>Issues don't disappear over night.
You want things to change, or to find an excuse?

No, seriously. For starters - you talk about
> Anger management and controlling impulsive/violent reactions

And you talk about it on 4chan. Even most amiable boards around here, generate shitloads of raeg in comparison to other places in teh Netz.

It's like talking about working on your diet and need to lose some fat. In MacDonald, while ordering extra big MacFats. And a gallon of DIET Coke.

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Plenty of decent people moved away when /tg/ evolved and became flooded with same useless threads like "this is how I", "State me", "character thread", "share thread", webcomics reposting and shit like that.

Currently /tg/ is a place you visit from time to time and it's bad for giving a shit about doing something for the board.

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So here's something I've always wondered. When machines take over the world, what to they do then?

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I think that modern physics has definitely decided in favor of Plato. In fact the smallest units of matter are not physical objects in the ordinary sense; they are forms, ideas which can be expressed unambiguously only in mathematical language.
– Werner Heisenberg

"The truth-values of our mathematical assertions depend on facts involving platonic entities that reside in a realm outside of space-time"

Field, Hartry, 1989, Realism, Mathematics, and Modality, Oxford: Blackwell, p. 68

By general agreement, abstract entities cannot interact causally with concrete, physical entities.

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Tell me of that one time you felt the IRL Machine Spirit

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A few points:
1. Nine players is way too many for an experienced group, let alone a newbie DM.
2. Your DM should not being playing a DMPC as well. There are good and bad ways to do it. A newbie DM will do it the bad way.
3. You are well on your way to being That Guy and you haven't even had your first session yet.
4. That Guy, in simplest terms, is someone who isn't fitting with the group. This can range from bad manners, bad hygiene, playing characters the rest of the group finds creepy, being a dick. A common variant is someone who insists on describing sexual acts in a game where the other players don't want to include sex. But a player who absolutely refuses to ERP (erotic roleplay) in a game where the whole group is ERPing is just as much a That Guy.

You are currently expressing traits of the That Guy who insists his group is having Bad Wrong Fun. That is, they're not playing the game right and it doesn't matter if they're having fun.

5. > elves are actually the biggest assholes no matter what the lore.
This doesn't even make sense. If the lore of the setting says elves are awesome bros who share everything and drop everything at a moment's notice to help you. They're awesome, regardless of whatever elf you're used to from different setting. You never even say what setting you're using.

6. You're new, you probably don't even know much about the setting to be dictating its restrictions to the other players. The only person allowed to do that is the DM.

7. >Roomates+their friends have no clue of what they are doing
So hand them the books and answer any questions they have.

8. In most games, the PCs are exceptional. Just like how the main characters are books are often different and special from the rest of the world. As long as the DM is okay with it, they can play whatever character they want.


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Then where are the handheld directed-energy weapons in this of age?

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If they're so awesome why do they not have a playable army?

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And when I say "Them" I mean /b/'s hideous army
I wouldn't be willing to waste good soldiers as bait for the scum.

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>An inquisitor Hires a new acolyte, a tech-priest Magos-errant with a lot of fighting experience and a small personal retinue of skitarri.

>A clerical error causes a 17 year old scrimshaw who hasn't even gotten qualified as a Technographer who has the same name to be sent instead.

>The inquisitor sees this as fate decides to keep the kid anyway.

(BONUS side story about an elite mags-errant and his personal retinue being personally assigned to a small sweatshop to scrimshaw lasgun handles by a notoriously straight laced and faithful inquisitor.)

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