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How would your last, or favorite character you've made answer this question, /tg/? For those familiar with the context, know that your answers aren't limited to the options originally presented in the game. Anything and everything is on the table here, so answer as they would from the heart.

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A quest concerning the adventures of the Nameless One of Planescape: Torment fame after the events of the game he's famous for starring in. It has been observed that the actions of the Nameless One might be a good explanation for the differences in the Blood War between editions of D&D. Ever wonder how he did it? Let's try and tell that story.

The setting will not merely be Planescape - it will concern the Blood War and the Faction War in Sigil, covering the events that altered the physical and political alignment of the Planes between editions and changing the faces of both the City of Doors and the Lower Planes.

For the uninitiated:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mgqX82-HRYE - PS:T intro
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRidpOpQfPk - PS:T ending

Features will include army management (you start out in the Blood War!), a city of portals to once again manipulate and explore, all manner of character-related nonsense and significant ties to the plot of a pretty damn good RPG, not to mention the class-switching oddities of TNO's odd condition, and the application of that which can change the nature of a man. Also, hell's warped diplomacy and the politics of Yugoloths.

[_] This is terrible
[_] More, please

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Why is it hard to have choices in dialog beyond Super boy scout, neutral, and complete asshole? Even moreso if the choices matter more than the "scene" you are currently in. With all the time they take polishing the models for the main characters assortment of belts they could hire a writer to spit out a few dozen alternatives to some scenes.

For all the things that are limited in a videogames poor adaptation of the table top you would think story a few more variables and sentences for script wouldn't be one of them. It's one of the few things that can actually make you feel immersed or care about shit in a video game when you feel like you have a bit of control over it, just like in a table top game.

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Are you ready to update your journal once more /tg/?

And this is to remind you what it felt like:


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So playing this for the first time. What am I in for?

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/tg/, your current party, no matter the setting/world, has been contracted by an "Agent of a Power" to hunt down and kill this man permanently.

You are provided free transport to Sigil, but are told that only once you kill the target, will a "Planeswalker" seek you out to help you get back to your home plane. However, the money's good. And it's just one man...

Does your party accept?

tl;dr: I'm thinking of running a gaiden session where players roll up planescape characters, then dick around looking for TNO and try to kill him.

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This, of course.

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amen to that

and now, it's dead

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Why exactly was the Planescape setting retired?

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Afternoon, Tormen/tg/uys

I've decided to get myself an education and have started playing this famous game.

Starting stats, I have maxed out INT, WIS and put the rest in CHA.

More importantly, I heard that to get the most out of this game it MUST be patched - I don't want to fuck it up with crap mods and have to reinstall the whole thing again.

TL: DR - Clueless Berk seeks the chant on top-shelf Torment mods, hai?

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I could totally go for this (see shoulder, background).

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As a matter of fact,immortality is more a curse than a gift,simply because you survive all your loved ones and friends and at some point have done everything you ever wanted (and not wanted) to do,after which and eternity of boredom awaits.

Also,as it was allready stated,Death is actually more like the beginning of a second journey or you'll don't care a fuck because your brain is rotting away.

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