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Lead the children in a Blood Revolution against the stat!

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Hey fine guys and gals,

I come to you with a question to my lips and self-consciousness on my mind.
When's an NPC a DMPC?

I know DMPCs are bad and I never wanted to include any in the games I run, but there is this L5R game I've been running where the PCs just love one of the players' wife, he even bought Blissful betrothal during the campaign to stress the fact, so I've incorporated her a bit more in last scenario.

The problem is, I think I tend to use her to prod the plot a bit when I feel they're out of options, to provide alternatives in-game instead of doing it out of character (which is a bit of a gauche thing to do in my opinion).

I'm afraid I'm turning her into a DMPC. I still think they love her and they haven't said anything bad about her to me, but still I'd hate to steal any spotlight, so I'd rather prevent that.

So, yeah, what's the line between "Important NPC who gives welcome clues" and "DMPC behind the wheel"?

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Cordyceps Unilateralis. mY FlESh HuNGerS!

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ITT: Movies, Comicbooks, Anime, Manga, Viedogames and Books that would make a ideal worlds for gaming.

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Inquisitor Vail suspects a planetary governor of illegal trade with Dark Eldar as well as experiments on humans using eldar technology.

The Governor has a cousin who is on the staff of one of the High Lords of Terra, so even an inquisitor must take care.

Reports of the meetings between the governor and the Eldar indicate he (rather foolishly) took his daughter with him once.

Amberley must take a shot of polymorphine and once again brave the horrors of school in order to befriend the girl and get enough evidence to arrest the governor.

Unfortunately their is an outbreak of zombie plague at the same time.

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This one's been posted a million times before, but it fits the theme.

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This is how I Earthbound

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So a simple zombie survival card game just came to me in my sleep.

step one setup:
You shuffle two decks of cards together (one if your only playing with 3 people or less)

then everyone draws 5 cards.

All red cards are attacking zombies and must be played immediately. The acception being if you decide to use one of your saves to hold a card. ( you can do this twice per game.)

Then you play black cards( attack cards) the card must be equal or higher to defeat the zombie card its played against. you may save attack cards freely but you may not have over 5 cards in your hand. If no one draws a card high enough to defeat a zombie on the table the person who draws it takes one wound each turn it remains on the board. Each person has a total of three wounds.

On the next turn Each player must have 5 cards so draw more and get ready to fight kid.
Every dead zombie and used attack is to be thrown in the discard pile. Once the draw deck is empty and all cards have been played the game is over. if any zombies remain alive you all die, if none are left then you survived the zombie attack and are aloud to live another day.

Special cards:

zombie aces, deal two wounds if not killed on the first turn and can be killed by any suit card

Weapon aces, Can be used to heal one wound or kill any zombie on the board

Zombie jokers all zombie converge on the person who draws this card QUICKLY save them.

Weapon jokers. Heal all players by 1 would and give them all one free draw to be spent immediately.

I call this game "Last Stand" and would encourage people to invent characters to represent themselves before every game. Give them a signature weapon and catch phrase. You can play with figures for dramatic effect but all that is necessary is one deck of standard playing cards.
I have yet to try out this idea but hope to get a little drunk and play it with some buddies.

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I roll in the open, but we have a tacit understanding that no one who looks at my dice will ever try to enforce rules. I do go by the results I roll... however, in cases where I really don't like the result, I will compensate by having some random event interfere, or by modifying stats on the fly. It's fun for me, because I'm forced to stay on my toes and come up with creative, situation-specific solutions to problems.

For example, if the BBEG knocks out the second PC, and it's pretty clear a TPK is coming, I'll have one of his henchmen turn on him, or a messenger will come in shouting about a more pressing matter outside, at which point the BBEG will turn things over to his much less capable goons.

As the game progresses, he might instead turn things over to his trusted lieutenant, who is still quite dangerous. This is usually pretty exciting for the party... and if they manage to kill the lieutenant, then that's a huge victory. It's a good way to build up in a long campaign, and I highly recommend it.

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I was playing a game of Zombie Squad (with a load of additional rules), and my character was some washed up cop who'd ended up living on the streets when he was unable to mooch off the people he knew.

The GM wanted to have a go at playing, so I told him I'd take over the campaign after the next session.

The party consisted of myself, a wealthy doctor (the player also controlled the doctor's young son he'd brought along), a teenage grocery store clerk and a surly cab driver.

The party had made it to the city docks, in an attempt to steal a tugboat and escape. My character went out in a blaze of glory, I had the doctor pump me full of adrenaline and whatever other drugs he had, and ran over to a fuel tanker to draw the zombie swarm away while they started up the boat. Once they made it out alive I blew up the tanker and took the swarm with me.

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It's a good system, rather easy to use. Start with Normals and nothing else for awhile. Save the Inspired and Survivors for later games.

If you could tell us a little about your players or what you're planing, we might be able to help you more.

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*** Damage ***
There are no hit points, exactly, but there is damage. If you take a successful attack against you, or fail a Graceful roll when you fall, or something similar, you take some damage. Each point of damage means you have that penalty to all your rolls. Ouch! Damage is serious and heals slowly... usually it persists until the end of an adventure. (One point of damage is similar to a deep knife cut or a minor broken bone.)

Death only occurs if there's a good reason for it. Characters on a battlefield are far more likely to just become incapacitated through slow accumulation of damage... though of course, that might leave them open to being devoured by wolves later....

Characters who accumulate 5 or more damage must make a check of some sort versus their damage to see if they can keep going or just collapse. Additional checks are needed each time more damage is taken. Sometimes discretion is the better part of valour.

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Anyone got a picture of a post-apoc style male mechanic? Can't find any on the booru.

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Thinking of building a zombie deck around Diregraf Captain because holy shit that card is badass. Thanks to drafts at my local and purchasing the B/U Dark Ascension deck, I have a decent amount of zombies. Diregraf Ghouls are in, as are Ghoulraisers and Unbreathing Horde. The eventual idea is to plop down Rooftop Storm, self-mill with various blue spells and Screeching Skaabs, and then use the deck for flashbacks and fuel for beefier blue zombies. Also crank out zombie tokens as well for a superpowered zombie rush.

Unfortunately, I'm a complete newb, and only have a few copies of certain cards, although I'm willing to buy more. My deck right now is:

4 Diregraf Ghoul
2 Walking Corpse
2 Screeching Skaab
2 Ghoulraiser
2 Diregraf Captain
1 Unbreathing Horde
1 Stitched Drake
1 Armored Skaab
2 Rotting Fensnake
1 Havengul Runebinder
2 Abbatoir Ghoul
2 Makeshift Mauler
2 Skaab Goliath

2 Ghoulcaller's Chant
2 Altar's Reap
1 Zombie Infestation
2 Reap the Seagraf
2 Forbidden Alchemy
2 Moan of the Unhallowed
1 Rooftop Storm

Already I can see the deck is kind of unfocused and shittier for it. I should probly drop the singular creatures to run more multiples, or drop Armoured Skaab for another Stitched Drake. I'm also willing to try and find or buy cards that would fit in with the idea, like more zombies or spells that would help. Competitive advice is welcome though I'm not nessecarily going into a competitive environment.

Any tips from anyone?

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Reposting with update...

Emily, Rachel, Mimi and Megan.

Five kids, each of us under twenty, with maybe just enough ability between us to count for one person.

I'm 19, female, bisexual.
Uni Student
Work well under pressure
Know simple mechanics, pharmaceuticals and medical/first-aid practice.
Sexually agressive, dominant.
Massive anger issues.

Hmm; Suicidal, spineless goth-girl, a Stressed, sexy idealist, a Loli, ganglord's granddaughter, a Valleygirl ezy-e-lay and me, the Stress-vampire hate-machine.

With-luck I'll drag along my Sister for some real anger-baiting and there we go, the world won't stand a chance.

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Z-Day has arrived. The dead have risen, and they're recruiting.
Being neckbeards, you probably know exactly which weapons and pieces of gear you'd use in this situation, but here's a question most people don't think about: where in the world would you rather be during Z-Day? Consider the country's geography and climate, your knowledge of the native language, maybe even gun-laws that may or may not permit you to carry your weapon.

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>Dear Carly
>Jessie left she went east after hearing that broadcast. The old house is bad news, there is alot of them around it now so I set out north. I hear its much safer up there. I hope you understand I thought alot of you and I wish you never went back for Jake. Watch yourself
>Love Curtis

Will you be man enough to stop your wife going back for your child in the zombie apocalypse, /tg/?

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