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>Western animation for adult audiences will never be a thing

Sure we have avatar, but you don't exactly have a lot of on-screen decapitations or anything. And it does have obvious eastern influences.

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>tfw no gameshop

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I have downloaded and organized hundreds of RPG books that I will never read, let alone play.

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The more advanced a society become the easier it is to become decadent. The Eldar experience emotion hundreds of times more powerful than humans, and there were as many of them back then as there are humans now, quadrillions at least.

It's easier to die from plague, plan to overthrow a king, and murder someone brutally than it is to be a champion of hedonism all day everyday.

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>This thread

You sick motherfuckers, I using this shit when my players confront nurglite cultists.

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Consider the following. The winning condition for the 40k Ork faction would be an endless, brutal, meaningless conflict.

W40k *is* their winning condition, in other words. They've never not had exactly what they want. They are the one true superpower faction.

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I got a story similar to this.

>semi-original scifi military setting
>allied warship warps in and requests fuel from the players
>they panic
>the players run multiple background checks and check multiple databases and deployment schedules to confirm the ship's identity
>after several minutes of arguing they power down their weapons and allow the NPC captain to board their ship
>NPC explains situation in detail and asks for fuel again
>the players finally agree and begin transferring fuel to his ship
>NPC captain is a friendly guy and offers to give the players a tour of his ship since it's a new model they've never seen
>the players panic
>acting captain takes everyone into another room and leaves the NPC at the airlock (with an MP guarding him) while they begin to plan
>acting captain decides to go onto the allied ship alone, orders the other crew to disregard his life and destroy the ship at the first sign of hostilities
>he boards and gets a tour from the NPC captain
>during this time, I'm informed by the players that they are attempting to hack into the ship's systems and monitor everything happening
>we go through the process of getting that done, they are now in the allied ship's servers and literally monitoring everything that is happening
>they stealthily engage their weapon systems again and target the ship, then keep a hand hovered over the FIRE button just waiting for their allies to do something suspicious
>nothing suspicious happens
>tour ends, the acting captain returns to the players ship and the NPCs leave with their fuel
>the players then take the effort to send a transmission to fleet command warning them of the ALLIED SHIP and giving them its warp destination
>mfw all this is happening

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How is your post helping the discussion at all? It's jumping to conclusion from the very start ad going off of that making what your saying completely illegitimate.

tl;dr shut up dumbass.

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Ples explain.

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How do Space Marines even have personalities? They seem so one dimensional to me. How can I possibly relate to them and their problems?

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So you shouldn't tell people basic objective facts to protect their fragile and incredibly biased views. Should the direction of all conversations be dictated by the most sensitive person in the room?

This is just silly.

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