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Sup, /tg/.

I want to run a Rogue Trader campaign for my Pathfinder group, but none of them really know much about 40k. What's the best way to get them learned about the light of da emprah?

In addition, do you guys have any tips or tricks about running a Rogue Trader campaign?

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/tg/, I'm running Rogue Trader for the first time soon. Since the books don't really make a clear indication of power levels, what should I be sending a party of first-time players up against?

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>but it doesn't help when we're playing Dark Heresy, or any other system where being a brash and reckless egotist will get you killed
I think you have been playing the wrong version of that system, dude.

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The crew of the Gilded Gygaxian had a, surprisingly, lucrative and uneventful trip through the warp with her million ton cargo of foodstuffs and delivered to a world under siege by the Imperial Guard. An army does, after all, fight best with a full stomach. Or at least, will be willing to stick it out longer with good food to keep them going.

If you consider the paltry pale and bitter trench-tac good food, anyway.

Aran Thrax,Void Master of the rogue trader vessel wandered through the rows of crewed cogitation systems and terminals on the bridge theatre of the ship. Far above and behind him, some hundred meters or so, the well lit command dais hosted the distant Captain and his elite entourage.

They were currently going through who knows which course of their ten course meal. A matter not of import to the aged Void Master. He preferred the more conservative fare of the food he ate in any of the ship's hundreds of mess facilities. It was also the best way to keep appraised of the general morale and disposition of the ship's men. His Captain trusted him enough to keep appraised of these things.

One of his subordinates had been attempting to get his attention.


The Void Master looked twenty feet down the third row of fifteen. That was the subsection devoted to correspondence between the bridge-theatre and the ship's secretive Astropath.

Aran paced his way over to the young man. "Report."

"Sir, the locals of that planet we colonized half a year ago are quarreling again."

Aran's features hardened - this made the young man shrink away from him. It was always hard to tell just who exactly the Void Master got angry with. He preferred it that way.

Using his com bead, he communicated this to his Captain while simultaneously marching toward the Navigator's correspondence sub-section. There was a hushed buzz of activity throughout the bridge-theatre as the ship prepared for the order all sensed would be coming.

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Sup, /tg/.
New here. How does one go about actually finding a group to play an RPG with? Does the /tg/ community ever organize games over Skype? Would that work?

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Sup /tg/. A few friends and I really, really want to try playing Rogue Trader. We play our tabletops via Skype, using a plugin for dice rolls, groups for IC and OOC chat respectively, and an optional voice chat just to hang out.

What we really need is someone to run the game for us, as our GM. We are also more than happy to welcome any additional players.

We all have: Experience with many different table top games, limited experience with the 40k system via DH, and pretty good knowledge of 40k canon.

If you're interested, leave an email or Skype name in here, or use my email '[email protected]' to find my Skype. Thanks!

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Get your 40k rpg stuff in here!

I just got Rogue Trader under advice from a few of you.
What do I need ro know?

Otherwise, share tip, ask questions, share stories, post pictures, just keep it on-topic.

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So anyone host a skype or roll20 Dark Heresy/Only War/Rogue Trader and looking for one more?

I really wanna get into these but know absolutely no one who plays.

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/tg/, how do you guys curb your buylust? Every time I go to my flgs I walk out with another goddamn rulebook I can't afford, I will never play, and do not have time to read. I heard you can use self control, but that's retarded.

Pic related, it's what I bought on my last trip to buy 2 fudge dice. RT general too I guess.

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About to jump to Rogue Trader after playing lots of Dark Heresy.

Are there any important rules differences I might be missing besides psionics?

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I was also considering Rogue Trader, but I've never been good at running sandboxes.

I'm not a railroader but I tend to present my players with a very clear mission objective, that they are free to pursue in any way they deem necessary (this is why I loved Dark Heresy).

Rogue Trader seems to give too much freedom to the players for my tastes, like I'd send them exploring a planet and they'd be like "no, we fly off and explore space in a random direction".

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>the wargame
Were you, like, hibernating for last few years, or what?
WH40k isn't ONLY wargame anymore.

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Me and my friends want to play Rogue Trader but there's no one playing that (or even DH) where we live.

So I guess I'll have to take it upon myself, despite no experience GMing in the system or universe.

Any advice on how to start beyond just reading the rulebooks?

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Yes, some squabbling corporations, a group of traders. Perhaps you might even say these traders have gone rogue?

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Sounds familiar

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Pretty soon I'll be playing in my first Rogue Trader game and I know nothing about the system and very little about 40k in general.

Anything I should know going in?

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>Rogue Trader

seconding this

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Okay, /tg/, i'm severely lost here. I'm creating my first Rogue Trader after a few long months of getting heavily into Warhammer and 40k. I have a decent handle of lore and rules and such, despite how ass-backwards 40k can be. I decided to go the Arch-Militant path, focusing on being a bad-ass shooty-slashy space-ruffian. I went Imperial World>Child of the Creed>Renegade>Calamity>Fortune for my origins, despite what the book says about it. However I have some crunch and lore questions that are beating my brow.

1.)Skills, due to my Origin Path and Career Path I pick up Common Lore(War) twice, so does it go from a basic train skill to a Trained skill? and what to my Career Path skills start as, basic?

2.)Equipment, the book says i have a choice between a good-craftsmenship hellgun, a best-craftmenship hunting rifle, or two bolt pistols. What does it mean by hunting rifle, as i can't find any info about it in the book? Does the bolt pistols come as common-craftsmenship?

3.)Acquisitions, how exactly does this work or is it campaign to campaign based? it says in the book that each guy gets 1 item outta the armory based upon the group's profit factor, so should I wait until we roll that or think of something to get ahead of time?

help appreciated, fa/tg/uys

>TL;DR noob playing Rogue Trader for first time, sucks at understanding rules, halp

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So what you're asking is, will any system let you crew an airship?

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I second Rogue Trader. It's an RPG, not tabletop wargame, but it's really the only thing I can think of where you cobble together a rag-tag group of people in a ship and turn them loose in a massive sandbox environment.

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If your high powered game is the same shit with bigger numbers then you're doing it wrong.

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So I'm running Rogue Trader for the first time tomorrow night. Any Advice?

The party consists of the rogue trader, an explorator, a voidmaster and a navagator.

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/tg/ I have a problem.
I'm the Rogue Trader of the party. Generally my guy doesn't appreciate unnecessary bloodshed unless it's the xenos getting killed or self-defense. He's already got a ton of enemies who are out for his blood and it's usually less dangerous to bribe the bodyguard into killing your target anyways.

So we're looking for tech smugglers on a feudal world to buy them off and replace it with his tech-smuggling business. Long story short we end up with a freshly crashed ship connected to the smugglers after shenanigans. Wanting to grill the crashed ship crew for info on the smugglers, my guy approaches the ship.

Here's where the trouble starts. Problem player immediately charges the wreck and starts to murder the surviving crew en masse. My Rogue Trader demands that he stop that shit because he intends to hire the crew and the ship. Player ignores his demands and keeps murdering them, eventually leaving only one survivor despite repeated orders to stop that. This would be fine except it's not the first time he went against orders and caused trouble.

Another time we were in the warp and saw a ship. We hailed it but it did not reply. My Rogue Trader decides to keep an eye on it. Problem Player wants to go on the ship.


My Rogue Trader orders him to say on our ship because that's fucking stupid and only asking for problems. Problem Player ignores him and gets on the other ship.

Needless to say, it was a fucking trap and we end up almost dying and running away from the ship with nothing gained but a whole lot of trouble.

TL;DR: Problem Player is ignoring my Rogue Trader's orders not to do stupid shit and he doesn't listen and causes unnecessary problems for the team. A Trader does dangerous stunts but only in the name of profit and we never profit from the kind of stunts Problem Player pulls.

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Hey /tg/ can we get a Rogue Trader story thread going on? I'll tell you mine in upcoming posts.

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