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I do remember a lot of Dark Eldar attacking humans during the Gothic war, they're sneaky cunts.
Shame they can't just formally meet and decide something, it seems like it would be such an easy solution to many problems.
Maybe we could get some Grey Knight halflings? Couldn't hurt to make them even more OP.

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A description of the diplomatic proceedings from Lofn's points of view? Pretty please?

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For you.


He has moved on from drawfreinding for /tg/ now, i think.

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A tongue ran around her ear, around the sharp point.

“Do you want to be pure?” It whispered, teasing.

“Yes...” She said. “If it feels like this... if it feels this good, I want to feel like this all the time!”

The woman at her ear made a low, moaning sound.

“Sisters!” Came the voice of the older woman she'd head speak earlier. “The taint is in her blood! Let us help her purge herself of it! For the Emperor!”

The hands caressing. The lips stopped kissing. The tongues stopped licking. She felt so empty. So alone. She opened her eyes, unable to see clearly, trying to reach for someone. Anyone. Someone to touch her. To feel her. To purify her.

Then she felt a sharp pain along her leg. She looked down and saw a shallow cut, dribbling blood, and a sister standing with a knife, a lust-filled expression on her face. The oil seeped into the wound. It felt good.

More sisters came, then, knives sharp, cutting shallowly, Lofn crying in pain and joy. And the tongues returned. Licking. Lapping. Taking the blood. Taking the taint. Purifying her. Spreading the gold inside of her.

She was covered in red, covered in hundreds of tiny, shallow cuts – but she'd never felt so happy in her entire life. They were cleaning her. Their tongues were carrying the taint in her blood away. She felt dizzy.

“Sister Serenity.” The older woman's voice spoke. Lofn could barely make it out over the feelings of joy in her body, barely focus on them.

“You have done an excellent job with her training. I will reward you with being the first sisters to perform the 'Meeting of the twin valleys' ceremony.”

“Thaaank you, Cannoness...” The woman moaned.

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Alrigh/tg/uys I have a problem. I have a Witch Hunters army (no thats not the problem) thats almost entirely Sisters. The exceptions are 2 preachers, a bunch of flagelents, and a Vindicare assassin. (and the pedobear I sculpted and stuck in my exorcist tank. I know. I'm going to hell.)

Obviously there is an odd one out. The poor vindicare assassin is the only one in the army list who still has a working dick (pedobear does not count)

I have been given two solutions, and I cannot decide between them.

1. Make him into a girl
2. Give him a pimp hat.

Any ideas?

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well, no one's really requesting, and I've nearly made up my debt.

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Fuck yea, Lofn.

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