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Choose one and only one

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I want a THICC earth caste tau waifu

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>what are earth caste bitches
they get less thicc and more sticc as you go up the castes. Earth, fire, water, air and aether.

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So tell me /tg/ which tau caste has the best women?

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I would be a human helper on a Tau farmworld, deep within Tau space.
I would live peacefully, marry a nice Tau Earth Caste girl and live out my days and never know of war.

Why? Dem hips!

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Hey man, don't drag me into this political shit, I'm just in it for them earth caste honeys.

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>fuck those earth caste peasants, am I right?
In a sense, yes.

Even orks know to loot dem hips.

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She could be a little bustier and a little friendlier looking, but that's just nitpicking. It's hard to be all ara ara~ with a scowl on.

Hips too. You can't forget the hips. It's not a blueberry without dem hips.

Still, it's better than the current ethereal blueberry.

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Earth Caste tau are built to work and farm. They aren't chubby so much as built with a workin' gals hips n thighs.

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