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>buy some vehicles
>not just transporting your infantry in the height of style and comfort within your titans' spacious leg cavities
what is this pleb shit

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what's your point?

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excuse me, I think you mean "centre gyro"

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Whilst I'm not imagining them any time soon, or even this year, I'm hard pressed to beleive that Forge World wont do an Imperator sooner or later. I mean it's not like some of the groundwork for it hasn't already been laid. Thanks to the Doom of Molech book, we know that they have a 15 dot Reactor Track, and that they're scale 14.

In the preceding mission their firepower was represented by a pair of free Artillery Barrages (str 8 auto-scatter 5" templates) which strikes me as being probably just a very abstract representation.

Now, 15 dots is more than TWICE what the Warlord get's so I'm imagining that the datacard is going to have to be huge, or it's going to have a different way of handling the reactor, similar to how they were in 2nd edition.
Scale 14 seems about right though.

As for weaponry, I'm thinking the Hellstorm cannon being something like Limited 10, but being able to fire 6 shots at once, each being Str8 with a 5" blast.
Plasma Annihilator is a tricky one, is it going to be an upgunned Plasma Blastgun? Or an upgunned Sunfury? Somewhere in between?

An ability similar to the Warlords Ardex Defensor, but with at least double the shots would probably not be amiss. This then leaves the Defence Laser and the Main Battery. I think the Main Battery should probably be a very short ranged Quake Cannon (like 24" max range. Probably less) maybe not even with quake but just concussive.
Defence Laser is a hard one to pin down. Definitely shouldn't be a Volcano Cannon expy though.

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I'd love to get into the 40k games at this scale. But I need some help clarifying the options available.

To my best ability of Google-fu, I still couldn't figure out what is the better, more represented, and better supported of the Epic games.

Epic Armageddon, NetEpic, Net Epic Armageddon? There's PDFs and models available all over, but what is the survivor today?

At first I thought NetEpic seemed the victor, but the designers can't help but put their special snowflake Slann faction, and cruddy art, out of it (seriously?!).

Furthermore the original Epic and Armageddon hail from different times, use different rulesets, yet the same models. There's like three variants on how to use the Imperator Titan.

So what is used in the rare tourney, and most commonly?

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