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>go to http://www.gizoogle.net/textilizer.php
>type in a /tg/ related quote

There is no time ta be lost, BATTLE BROTHERS! Space marines todizzle tha enemy be at our door; we know our duty n' we will do dat shit. We fight fo' our honor as blood ravens, as space marines, n' we fight up in tha name of tha emperor. Shiiit, dis aint no joke. If we take a thugged-out dirtnap dis dizzle we take a thugged-out dirtnap up in glory. But we aint gonna die, no, it is tha enemy whoz ass will taste dirtnap n' defeat fo' realz. As you know, most of our battle brothers is stationed up in space, prepared ta deep strike. Our perimeter has been prepared up in tha event dat our enemies should be all kindsa bold n' so foolish. Our thugged-out asses have placed a shitload of beacons allowin fo' multiple, simultaneous n' devastatin defensive deep strikes. Da codex astartes names dis maneuver "steel rain". Us thugs will descend upon tha foe, we will overwhelm them, we will leave none kickin it biaaatch! Meanwhile, our ground forces will ensure tha full defense of our headquarters. We is tha space marines muthafucka! WE ARE THE EMPEROR'S FURY!

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I belive the proper spelling is
>Rowboat Girlyman

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MC Draigo here, and I'm ready to go
Who woulda thought you'd hear me on the stereo
Doesn't really matter cause its easy to see
Motherfuckin Chaos gods got nothin on me
Started out as a young Gk banishin the M'Kar
200 years later and I'm roamin the warp afar
Atop the Blood Falls, my vicious rhymes
Cleansed Kar'voth of his heretical crimes
Reforgin my blade and I'm already back
My lyrics abstract, and I'm ready to attack
Into the Domain of Nurgle, I vehemently thrust
When I vacate, I leave ashes and dust
The whores of slaanesh finally came, shakin their ass
With a few words, I spread their remains amongst the alabaster grass
Finally to the city of Tzeentch, I was offered a pact
Obviously they didn't expect to see me totally jacked
See, as MC Draigo, I come and I go
My ephemeral style leaves faces aglow
Challenging me? You better be ready to sling
Cause it'll take a hell of a battle to get out from under this wing

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Why are the Eldar considered to be arrogant?

I mean, who are they being compared to here? The meek, humble Imperium of Man? The self-deprecating Orks? The polite, reserved forces of Chaos?

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Rogue Trader.

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