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Right? How boring.

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>"Well you just gripped the blade of his sword with your bare hands!"
>"... No, I disarmed him. See, right there?"
>"There's no way you could have disarmed him without losing (almost all, I was at 2 or so HP) some of your life"
>"But that's what the ability DOES."
>Back-and-forth continues like this for a while, then I finally decide to just drop it, but it's still burning at the back of my mind
>General consensus from the townsfolk (who apparently have an opinion) and the guard is that I'm a useless half-wit, but that they'll pay me a small sum to learn what I'd done.
>Barbarian is fairly laughed off the street
>Session continues, haunted mansion is explored, other shit happens that I can barely remember (something about collapsing stairs and spiders)
>At the end of the session, mention that the whole "taking massive damage when I rightfully should not have taken any" thing still really bothers me
>DM says, "well, how about I show you what you're talking about was impossible?"
>"I don't see how you're going to do that."
>At this point, I glance over to Friend Two, the cool one, and see a worried expression
>"I'm a swordsman myself. Let's go outside and I'll show you."
>Friend Two jumps in "DM, I don't think so man. That's not really a good idea."
>Is fairly pale at this point
>Since I'm a snotty sixteen-year-old, I stubbornly hold my ground and agree to it
>A few minutes later, we're standing outside his apartment
>He hands me a gorget
>A fucking gorget
>He has a fucking rapier in his other hand
>Terrified out of my mind, I'm still a snobby sixteen-year-old, so I start putting on the gorget
>Friend Two and Bill are nearly flipping out, trying to talk both of us down


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>tfw your Quests never get mentioned

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I can prove I am OP. For I AM a faggot.

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