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Hello /tg/, I'm a first time GM, looking to run a game for a few friends.

Two questions -

What system do you recommend? I've been looking at 4E and Pathfinder, both seem pretty decent choices.

Also wondering if I should look into any kind of virtual tabletop

Pic unrelated.

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Posts like this are why I come into threads like these in the first place.

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Im going to be joining a lvl 1 pathfinder game where me and 4 other players are on a tropical island covered in possible loot, but also 1 or more nasty beasts that we can not hope to fight in a direct fight.

Survival is key, and it will probably become every man for themselves just trying to survive the week.

So i need to know what to bring with me, i have 150 gold to start with, WHAT DO I BRING?!

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Help me make my group hate the fey!

So my group is going to start up again after a month long break and i did some brainstorming and it is going to be a lvl 10 pathfinder game where they stop a lich and his army,BUT THATS NOT IMPORTANT.

the world is going to be heavily mixed with the world of the fey, i need ideas....devious ideas....ideas that will make my group say FUCK YOU FEY without it being lol dead every few seconds.

So in short: give me some fey ideas for a lvl 10 party that are not to deadly but still fun and devious.

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that's what I meant by the clarification about fapping while drawing

then again, I've seen far worse

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you know what always bothered me about the spell chance failure mechanic? As a mechanic, it seems reasonable enough as a (poor) method to balance classes. But as a logical explanation? No, even if a wizard did it, and often times they seem to do, it doesn't make sense. Armor somehow gets in the way of somatic components of spells, yes? But shouldn't a shirt do the same, albeit to a lesser degree? Or, conversely, shouldn't relatively flexible armor (say, gothic plate) or someone who's spends all day working out and can heft the (realistically small) weight of armor have reduced spellcasting failure? If normal clothing and heavy robes don't interfere because that's a baseline, perhaps we should done a baby in full plate so he acclimatizes to casting in it.

tl;dr: either all mages should be naked to increase casting success, or all mages should become Muscle Wizards and cast FIST

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Picture related.

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Its over drop it as both the DM and the player appear to be fools. Lets just enjoy the fails the epic fails and the rare ones who have failed so hard that reality defaults it into a win.

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Taye: Human Cleric. Taye was “freed” of his “bondage” by Obadiah. Taye has earned himself the title of “the reverend.” He spouts the same hatred for honkeys as Obadiah, and backs him up defensively. Taye is good at heart, but misguided in his blind faith in Obadiah. Taye is also inattentive and managed to miss the screams of a girl, and a shadowy figure taking her away, while the retard managed to see it all. Taye hopes to be a general in the army raised by the group, answering only to Obadiah.

Retard / Lenny : Half Minotaur Barbarian: Ok, so this guy metagamed thanks to his friend. To make up for it, he is absolutely, 100% mentally retarded. He witnessed a girl being kidnapped, and stood his ground with his mouth wide open to catch the rain. He went into his barbarian rage for the last boss, missed all of his attacks, and was still raging after the boss was dead. He nearly killed Kabir with a single blow, but the maiden Kabir saved jumped in front of it. He held her body and said “me do bad?” We brought back the store owners corpse to his son, and Lenny here threw the body on the counter and said “here dad.” We’re not sure how long we’ll let him live.

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I ascribe to the adage "more than a handful is a waste
>Real boobs
awesome so long as they aren't related to me

>drawn boobs
fine to

>cartoon boobs
also fine

>anime boobs
don't watch much anime, plot takes my attention unless boobs are important

>small boobs

>big boobs

>no boobs
you are obviously a man, please keep your pants on sir.

>giant boobs

>perky boobs

>droopy boobs

>soft boobs
flesh pillows are kind of middle-of-the-road

>hard boobs
Frim is good, hard is not

>bouncing boobs
no because when they stop they droop

>squished boobs
...with what?

>realistic boobs

>fantasy boobs
get them out of the game I don't care.

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Our DM has pulled crap like this, much to everyone else's amusement. I shouldn't forget his bear trap either(drops a bear on the target).

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Hey ca/tg/irls out there.

You know, you bitch a lot on here about misogyny, but I want to be a woman. Hell, if there was a way to do that besides being a trap, I'd be a woman and be on my back taking some cock right now (bisexual/10).

So, what's so hard about being a woman? Men want to do shit for you, and a lot will throw their lives away in the military or other dangerous, low paying labor for you. If you get pregnant, the man and your family will help you care for the child or pay for an abortion. If you want to get fucked, you go to the first man or lesbian and say, let's do this.

If I want laid, I have to actually work for it, like I work for my money, and like how I work hard for my glorious bod.

That brings me to another point, if you fuckers gain a few pounds, you're BBW, if I gain a few pounds, I'm fucking garbage and have to run around the block or do a thousand push ups to regain my honor.

TL:DR, women have it easy and bitch about stupid things when the larger picture has them on top of the social structure.

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