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The DM is always right, even when he's wrong. Nobody wants to watch the rules-lawyer argue with him.

Know your class's spells and abilities, don't hold the game up looking through the books to see what your character can do.

If the group orders food, offer to pitch in for paying.

If you ever have to miss a session, try to let everyone as soon in advance as possible.

If it's your first time playing with a group, try to avoid the more anime'ish character ideas, unless it's that kind of game. Don't be the creepy guy who need to need play a little girl character, or a busty seductress, or the angsty kitsune ninja. No matter how convinced you are that you can do it well, just wait until you're more established in the group.

Come up with a good reason why your character wants to be part of the group, give them a personal goal the DM can drop plothooks around throughout the game. But do NOT make a special-snowflake who hogs all the spotlight.

Don't bring a girlfriend or anyone who just wants to watch. Tell her you need a guy's night. Seriously, no good will come of having someone there who's not really interested in the game. Even worse if they're pretending to be interested.

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Having taken part to a D&D 5th ed campaign, to see where the game has gone to, this summer I know your predicament
Funny fact, Mark plays the group's main wizard
Cantrips are a fun idea to allow full-time casters, but I don't like the idea of unlimited effective damage spells that shadow even some real low-level spells. They're supposed to be minor tricks, and the damage should be accordant. Just an opinion, of course.
I have only ever played the '83 D&D and AD&D 2nd ed

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