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It's too easy

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>Complaining about America on an American message board using American technology during the relative safety of the Pax Americana

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>me and my friend played our first D&D campaign together
>I played a helf elf sorceror venturing out into the world for the first time
>my buddy played a V For Vendetta ripoff blind oracle
>constantly kept his hat pulled down
>ended up breaking our cover sneaking into an enemy encampment because the entire party was trying to find out what the fuck was under his hat that he kept it pulled down the whole time after he landed a two story fall in pitch black

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>he has no fucking idea

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Well this was 10/10 tier of entertainment... but now I must go.

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This is some Friar Tuck shit right here.

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>Hi boss, did NOT expect to see you in another one of these threads.

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Shit is hitting the fan? Tell me more!

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By showing up with all the girls tied up in the IFV, hair and clothes singed and sooty with an terrifyingly angry-calm look on the face.

Just as she sees rin give P-san a kiss on the cheek for the 'date' and the car filled with lots of girly gifts.

None of which are marked specifically for jenner.

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>Ending on a hyphen in a room full of witches.

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It's cool.

I just need popcorn and a nice chair for all this happening.

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Falynn isnt an idol

Shes fair game

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>20, 20, 16, 16

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>giant ass spider vs giant ass dragon

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>49% vote not to mind rape
>They bitch about the mind rape when it happens
Please, continue the shitstorm dumbass-chan.

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>Disney convincing him to come back
>mfw five years later, I see an X-Wing simulator building at Disney World next to Star Tours
>mfw Lawson appears on a screen in the lineup to give mission briefings
>mfw we get Hobbie-sponsored bacta soda
>mfw Lieutenant Kettch plush toys

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>And now for the popcorn gifs.

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Oh boy here we go.

Listen to yhe voices in your head Monique~

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>10 posts into a brand new quest without even characters named dropped
> waifu discussion already

This bodes well.

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>playing any sci-fi game
>The party always ends up becoming the bastard children of Rogue and Wraith Squadrons
>Every single fucking time

Fuck, I wish I had more sci-fi campaigns.

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>>Come on, we can all summon ghosts that can shoot magic! It'll be finnnnnee....

My grin is this wide.

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These threads always end humorously

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oh boy here we go.

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