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Honestly, I think a tide of Necron Warriors would be pretty horrifying. Imagine a tide of silver slowly walking up to you in complete silence, uncaring about anything you shoot them with. And even if a lucky plasma shot downs one of them, he'll just stand up soon after and continue to walk towards you. All the while shooting disintegration beams that atomize your mates and rip your tanks apart. And then you find out that this is just their most basic, conscript-tier infantry.
And even if you survive through all this, and the Emperors angels appear to save you all, you might just witness how the actual personification of Death goes haywire and tears apart the very planet you're on.

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>Hear that boys? Let's get on with it!

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Necrons somehow do feel like a welcome change from all the Imperium vs Chaos stuff.

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The Pariahs are a nice touch I think. Just mad science experiments to pass the time for Crypteks. More of their mad science is necessary.

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First for the Silent King!

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>race is all skellingtons
>add tits on bones

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Depends on what the field of technology is. In most cases, Necrons are the best, though Tyranids have the best bio-engineering if you want to count that as technology.

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Are there any actually shit units for Necrons? They all seem to have their uses.

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Wasn't there a line about how the current level of tech the Necrons wield is only a little warmup, the tip of the iceberg? And when they are fully awoken, the World Engine or technomagic that snuffs out stars would be least threatening stuff they could field? Or am i wrong here?

Also, regarding the whole "no unity among Necrons": Aren't they supposed to obey to the Silent King? Sure, there may be a lot of infighting among the Lords, Overlords and Phaerons, but in the end they all answer to Szarekh. Sort of like the Imperium and the Emperor.

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It's a start. Don't forget to go to Supreme Commander, Young Justice, Red Faction, GUNNM and Ratchet and Clank to get magitech-nanomachinery killer bots.

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Considering that the Silent King came back from his exile and wants to wake up the Necrons to fight the bugs off - it seems quite reasonable to assume that the Hive Fleets currently in the milky way are really just scouts, and that he has seen the actual numbers the Tyranids have. And he's terrified. Or he doesn't want another horde of fleshlings crawl through his galaxy.

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Let's start a Necron thread, anything Necron is welcome

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>‘'There are more of my kind than stars in your night. We owned this galaxy before your species was born. We killed the firs t gods and we will kill yours''.

-Cryptek Ossuar of Mandragora the Golden

>‘This is no mere weapon. It is an expression of my right to rule, and the deliverer of my royal wrath. Together, we have scoured gods from heaven and shattered the power of the perfidious C’tan. Now it has come to accept your fealty, or grant your death. Which do you choose?’

-Overlord Akanabeth to Iron Captain Grolvoch

>'I have slain gods, toppled empires and destroyed entire worlds. Compared to this, your meager death will go unnoticed by history, but despair not, little hero--I shall always remember this moment''

-Anraykr the Traveler

>''It is said that Ahmontekh defeated beings the ancient Eldar revered as gods, and that even to this day the last of the Old Ones’ progeny hold him in a unique blend of hatred and fear''
>''The Phaeron was at one time counted amongst the most puissant of warriors and his name was feared across countless thousands of worlds. He fought at the side of the C’tan themselves, and is said to have once struck a blow that slew a god. He bore a warscythe of such potency that it is said to have shattered the planet Maldek into a billion chunks of rock in a single blow, an event which several of the Eldar’s mystic cyclesingers make reference to many aeons later''

-Legend of the Crimson Scythe


You throw yourselves at the feet of so called gods and shackle your destinies to their whims, instead of challenging them and casting them down from their heavenly thrones. For this you will never know true glory, the everlasting glory of being Necron!

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40K is fine as it is.

I just want more Necron and C'tan content. Novels, event books, etc.

I am starved for Necrodermis love

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