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Hey /pfg/. My friends got me into playing RPGs a few months ago and I’ve been having fun as a player. Our group takes turns running short campaigns and since I have been new to the game they haven’t had me run a game yet since I was still learning the rules. I’ve read the rule book and game mastery book so I know how to run the game enough to handle most of mechanics we may run into but I’m absolutely shit at coming up with stories.

The thing is I really want to run a game one day but I have no idea how to start making an adventure. At first I was making maps but quickly realized I had no real story to bring the players there or I made too many rooms and don’t have enough material to keep the players interested in exploring. Aside from saying something like “Oh I’d like my players to fight an Aboleth” or some other monster, then I usually come up blank to how the players would end up there.

How do you guys go about making a campaign? What are some good ways to create stories or encounters that can keep the players entertained? I feel like such a shit player for not being able to think of anything to start a small campaign with.

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>foreverGM's complaining they can't be players ever
>meanwhile you prefer GMing than being an actual player

I love making stories for my players and I enjoy seeing their reaction, plus I don't have to stop playing for any reason at all since I'm the GM

who here Loves being a GM and doesn't actually care that much about being a player?

also general GM discussion I guess

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