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Republic Commando. The only game where your teammates are actually awesome and critical for your succes

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The fact that without the prequels, this would've never been made.

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Which is more rules lite?

The guy's biggest experiences lie with Vampire: The Masquerade which wasn't very rules heavy.

Also: which era do you recommend would be funnest?

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Basically this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K04Yf3H9xHI in 40k.

>Welcome to Geonosis Astartes. It's nice to see they've finally released you from the Black Ship. I've been assigned as your advisor, and will be your eye-in-the-sky until further notice... or we all get killed. Once you're on the ground, you will rendezvous with your Kill-team. Your first objective is to link up. The Kill-Team Objective remains, find O'shas'Fac, and eliminate him. I will be issuing further orders as you go. Good luck, Astartes.

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Might make sense right after they execute order 66.
Leading a tight Republic Commando squad, to snuff out any Jedi Strongholds on distant planets.
Here's a motivational video

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I've been toying with ideas to run DW for a while. Becoming increasingly interested in it. Mostly to see if they can make it more than just a combat fest. So far Final Sanction is proving that they can, to an acceptable extent.

Its also very similar to how I figured a mission would go. Modestly open ended and with a kinda "FPS game" style action plot. (Republic Commando was one of my inspirations as far as ideas go).

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Yeah, sounds like they figured out how to handle the combat pretty good.

I wonder how well they'll handle the non-combat. Overall I really want to see how they structure missions. For the time being I'm planning on taking cues from certain games, like Republic Commando.

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Yup, Republic Commando is pretty much how I picture Death Watch going. I mean, if that can take a bunch of brainwashed, "No individuality" super soldiers and give them character/personality and a decent, action-filled plot, why can't Death Watch?

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>action film style plots

Thats actually kind of how I'm picturing, that and FPS style combat plots. In fact, pic related is very much how (with what little we've been given) I kinda picture it working like.

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The entire spectrum of Spec-Ops duties can potentially be drawn from, plus other things like acting as "bodyguards" for an important General or someone (while keeping an eye on them for heresy or xenos collaboration).

Deathwatch may be Ordos Xenos, but that doesn't mean thats all they have to deal with. Maybe a Chaos cult seizes power in a world and the Kill-team is the only asset the Inquisition has nearby to deal with it. Maybe they get involved helping put down some minor PDF rebellion, is it truly a case of need? Or does an Inquisitor have some personal, possibly heretic motive in misusing them? Or is there something happening on the planet the Inquisition hasn't told the team?

There is potential for things to do, as well as interparty conflict. What if the Killteam has a Dark Angel member and suddenly signs of The Fallen show up on an otherwise routine mission, what does he do? How far will he go to keep the others from finding out? Will he compromise the mission?

There is potential in Death Watch, its all up to what the GM and players want to do with it.

Honestly, I kinda look at Star Wars: Republic Commando for perhaps odd example of how things might go.

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