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Well the traditional way a GM gets unwilling players to play a game is to TPK them and then be like... "well we can TRY restarting from scratch, though I'm not really prepared for that, we COULD start a new game but the only thing I've really got ready right now is..." and then you explain the setting thusly:

Imagine if you were technically in charge of caring for the remnants of human civilisation after humanity went somewhere, rumors say they're still around under the water, sleeping, or on the moon or in space but some say they're just dead.
And then you kinda didn't fulfill your duties to them particularly well, which is when a giant salty asteroid hit the north pole and flooded the earth with water, so now shit's all Waterworld crossed with America's Deadliest Catch, battling pirates who think they can more easily find shiny old tech by stealing from honest divers one day then fighting one of the out-of-no-where storms that threat to sink your boat.
But underneath the blue above, and down amonst the remains swallowed by the blue below maybe THIS dive you'll find what you're searching for, that thing that drives you to the depths and through the storms and pirate attacks and past the security bots that protect their former owner's treasures.
That thing to make life right again.
And when there's no wind, and no clouds and no pirates, you chill and party and lounge and swim, because, well, who knows?

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Am I the only who thinks that sensor pod between the legs and the scorpion thingie looked like a bit like a cat's head?

all wargames need a Mew-Mew-Mecha faction.

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Why assume the digitalists are evil?

Clearly the fleshy-ones are jealous of our totally moƩ hardcases.

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