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Right, because what kind of idiot buys a warship? Those things are fuckin money pits.

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>Guilliman turns traitor
>Alpharius (Omegon) appears and saves the day and also avenges his brother (?)
How mad would you be?

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>Reading modern (((history)))
Don't you have a bull to prep?

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I'm now imagining a country run entirely by 11 series and 0300 series MOS. Good lord.

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>"We're gonna bridge the gap between House Steiner and the Wolves and we're gonna make the Mariks design it!"

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>He said nothing about ownership of penises
Typical Frenchman

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Military? If your PCs don't feel lied to by recruiting commercials and regret starting the campaign by halfway through, you're doing it wrong.

>Bonus points if they never get deployed

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So I'm not trying to be an internet tough guy here, but as a soldier in real life, I've met plenty of women I would prefer to have watching my back than some of the male soldiers I've run into. There are good male soldiers, and there are shitty male soldiers; there are also good female soldiers and shitty female soldiers. A good female soldier is better than a shitty male soldier, or even a mediocre male soldier. For those of us who are in the business of fighting war in real life, this kind of argument is completely fucking asinine.

You are a man-child with no real life experience. You pretty much even spelled it out for everyone by saying your only basis for judging the adequacy of female soldiers is from your impression of chicks in highschool.

That's fucking retarded and you're fucking retarded.

War to you is a game, the result of which is dictated by dice rolls and rules written by people who have never engaged in a fist fight let alone a battle -- that's okay, that's what it is to most people on /tg/, and I don't think any less of them for it; the difference is you talk like you know shit and you don't.

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>astv is on the server
>decide to let him decide the punishment for it since he's the senior admin
>and if he deems whatever I do unfit then he'll overturn it and probably tell me that's too harsh/what the fuck
>does nothing
>tell him he should probably decide a punishment on that
>finds out he can't temp-jobban
>lets him off with a warning

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see you buddy
remember just because someone says mean words to you doesn't mean your time on the server is done forever and ever
it just means git gud

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all I know is that more smoke reagents in general make a much larger cloud of smoke. I haven't done extensive testing with the amount of chemicals.
if it has at least one force there's theoretically a chance to knock someone out with it.
even if it has zero force you can still knock people over if you hit them in the chest.
carrying things and occasionally throwing at people.
besides you can stick your tools in a medkit that fits in your bag so toolboxes are shit.
>playing silicon roles

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>b-b-but guys I was just /pretending/ to be a gibbering retard!!1

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the point stands you literally can't do anything fun on baystation without it going at an agonizingly slow pace, similar to the pace of watching grass grow.

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>I was only pretending to be retarded
gee you sound a lot smarter when you just don't post

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>replying to day old posts
>someone accuses you of doing something you dont
>tell them otherwise with evidence
>ur butthurt lel

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Zog me, it has

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That fucking keyboard. Is that snot on the F8 key?

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Well, if something like this is giving me nostalgia then I should seriously consider leaving 4chan for a while.

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>‘The sweat, dear Euphrati, the sweat! I have been observing the Astartes. Very big, aren’t they? I mean to say, very big in every measurement by which one might quantify a man.’

Hah, I forgot about that.

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>come across a large room
>there are 7 Nurgle cultists, including one psyker
>Commissar orders everyone to open up on the psyker (they didn't now who was who, but assumed that the most mutaded guy was a caster of some sort)
>kill all of them really easily
>they're still scared
>blood was splashed on the Techpriest during the fight
>they're worried he's been infected
>they're worried that the baddies aren't dead
>describe how perfectly still they are
>walk around to each one, checking them for signs of life
>describe how fucking dead they are
>still not satisfied
>Commissar orders the Penal PCs to throw all of their grenades into the room and close the door to make sure they're all dead
>they do, and I make sure they cross out the grenades from their very small equipment list (because Penal Legion)
>they start walking back to the surface
>enter room with the corpses
>corpses are no longer there
>players freak out even more


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It's sure not as hard as the mongoloids at Games Workshop make it look. This is evident from the dozens of other miniatures games that mange to put out rules sets that are not complete shit.

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They are really mediocre, not killy enough to make up for their price tag. The model is cool though so if you want to run one, run one. It's not bad enough that you will regret ever spending money on it unlike say, a giant.

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The only part not covered is the UP, which is basically one long night anyways.

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