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Would you guys consider an Urban Explorer Jumpsuit with helmet to cover enough of the body to have Ruthenium polymer coating?

I want to be able to have camouflage without sacrificing so much armor by just getting a chameleon suit.

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Say something you like about a setting you built.
Then we'll try to stick everything we say together.
Building off of previous posts is encouraged.

I'll start:
The world is a water world covered by volcanic islands. Each island has ten guardians. When there are no more guardians on the island, the island sinks.

Pic not very related

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Got distracted.

Robot monk?

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Bumping with art in hopes of someone having meaningful advice for OP.

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SR5, p. 320:
>"When used in physical combat, [a weapon focus] gives you its Force as a dice pool bonus on your melee Attack Test."

If I have 5 Agility, 6 Unarmed Combat, and a specialization in Wado-ryu karate, my pool is 13. If my strength is 5 and I'm wearing knucks, my damage is 6P.

If my knucks are a Force 6 weapon focus, my pool is 19. Remember, net hits on an attack test add to your damage. As a bonus, my pair of Wuxing MageMasher(tm) knucks can be used while I'm looking into the astral to punch spirits and projecting mages right in the puckered taint.

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I might have one or two more...

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Nah, they're fairly commonplace, anyone with the right cash or rep can acquire them. Some factions may express distaste for humans using synth bodies (Or a double whammy of disapproval if you're an AI entity).

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I've never tried cyberpunk before mostly because the only people that I know that do play it are this group of four bronies. They are ok-ish whem they arent talking about mlp , but I can only image the horrors of the things happening in their sessions.

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I have the habit of coming up with unique flaws for individual characters.
Like one all-is-calm monk who could only perfect when blazing anima-flair mad.
I also like to do dickish things like make the dodgey one usable only when there is place to doge to and the parry only works against attacks. And you cant move when the resistance one is active.

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>not battle mage vanguard
This picture can't even Fantasy Effect correctly.


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bump for more tunes
warforged assassin: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RnEeO6xyY8o

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